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ADM1301M Winter 2012 Mid-Term Exam Grading Sheme.doc

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ADM1301MSocial Context of BusinessWinter 2012MidTerm Examination Grading SchemeProfessor David DelcordeStudent Name ID NoInstructions1This examination consists of three partsTime limit is two and onehalf 25 hours2No notes texts dictionaries or electronic items of any type are permitted3Carefully follow the instructions appearing at the beginning of each part4You must sign the academic attestation appearing below5You must hand in the examination booklets as well as the question paperAcademic Integrity Integrity is a basic value of our society and of the business worldAcademic integrity is also a key value of the Telfer School of Management To underline its importance all assignment report project or other work submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of a course at the Telfer School of Management must include on its front page the following signed statementsigned by each member of a team in the case of a group assignment or team work Statement of Academic IntegrityThis work conforms to the rules on academic integrity of the University of OttawaSignature For more information on what constitutes a breach of academic integrity please consult the following web siteshttpwwwuottawacaacademicinforegistcrshome5ENGhtmand httpwwwuottawacaplagiarismdfPlease note that any submission in a course homework assignment report etc that does not include that signed statement will not be corrected and will get a grade of zero 1Part 1 30 marksRespond to each of the following questions in the examination booklet providedPoint form responses are acceptable but full sentences must be used1The modified Boulding Triangle was presented in class as a means to depict the three segments of Canadas domestic macroenvironmentFully describe the Boulding Triangle and be certain your description clearly identifies each segment who or what is included in each segment the sorting mechanisms and the significance of the apex in the model 12 marksGrading SchemeThe Boulding Triangle was presented in the first lecture and is well displayed in the powerpoint slides for lecture 1The response I am looking for is as follows no expectation of wordforword but all content must be presentedNo need for a diagram but if one is presentedfine the diagram alone is not a substitute for a well articulated answerThe Boulding Triangle depicts the three segments that collectively comprise the Canadian domestic macroenvironmentBusiness 1 mark that includes all forms of forprofit private sector companies 1 markSorting mechanisms are supply and demand 1 markThe apex of the triangle portion of the business segment represents pure exchange 1 markGovernment 1 mark that includes all levels of government in Canada 1 markSorting mechanisms are coercion and redistribution 1 markThe apex of the triangle portion of the government segment represents pure coercion 1 markCivil Society 1 mark that includes communities charities volunteers nongovernment organizations 1 markSorting mechanisms include cooperation reciprocity and solidarity 1 markThe apex of the triangle portion of the civil society segment represents pure reciprocity 1 mark2Fully describe pluralism 3 marksWhat is the relationship between pluralism and stakeholders and what does this mean for managers 5 marksGrading SchemeNo expectation of wordforwordThe definition of pluralism must be reasonable precise and it is important that the response clearly indicate the direct association of pluralism with stakeholders and that all stakeholders are not created equallyWhat this means for managers is largely an opinion question however I would expect students to stress the importance of understanding stakeholders and each Boulding segmentPart marks are at the discretion of the marker2
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