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Chapter 6Ethics of Business Management and LeadershipCorporate ethics programs Some combination of a statement of values codes of conduct andor ethics ethics training ethics audits and consulting services ethics officers and committees and ethics reporting systemWhat would you do ifoTypes of rationalization moral reasoningUnlikely to get caughtCustomers do not careNecessary for survival in a competitive businessThey work hard and deserve moreNo reporting small amounts okayThey paid too much taxGovernments waste their moneyLarge business gets more tax breaksoDo any of these justify the practice2008 Revenue Canada studyocheating on taxes was limited by the belief that most business persons wanted to run an honest legitimate businessogreed was the basic factor encouraging evasionofear of getting caught was considered a deterrentchances of getting caught were thought to be lowosome entrepreneurs were concerned about their reputation renovators and caterers but most felt that customers would not know or careoevasion of large amount of taxes was considered a crime but evading small amounts was considered justifiableIt kept the business viableSmall business pays too much tax government wastes money and large business gets more tax breaks than small businessSmall business persons deserve compensation for working hard and long hoursTwo main cheating activitiesoPaying people off the booksshortterm workworkers asking to be paid this waylabour shortagesbusiness struggling financially In the construction sectorworkers in the home renovation businesssubtrades on commercial jobslowerskilled or lowerrisk workoriskofear of getting caughtoability to declare labour costs as an expense
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