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VIDEO Caribbean Beerunexperienced staffmanagementcontingency plan for brew masterlarge startup costs hchances of success not that greatwould you invest most people would say no it seem to lack experience and organization But if you wanted to get someone to invest in a company they wouldnt show you that video showing you the overwhelming time commitment and everything in the video disorganization etc what is the riskreturn tradeoff Starbucks VIDEOBuilding relationships with coffee growersImplemented strategiesBuy coffee from small farms pay 120 per lb even in depressed marketHelp farmers show them how to grow coffeeWork in partnership with farmersGoes directly to the farmer whenever possibleDemands price transparency if they cannot deal directly with the farmerNegotiates longerterm contracts with producersHelps farmers know they have guaranteed contract 25 years allowing famers to plan and put back into their money making sourcesImportant to starbucks that their growers stay in businessHelping small farmers get credit because many farmers do not have access to credit The farmers need to pay their pickers up front in order to harvest the crop Starbucks contributes money to ppl who are ecologically friendly put money up front through a third party to make sure the farmers will be around and that they can get their supply of coffeeFair trade coffee17 certifications Give preharvest loans certifies fair trade products encourages organic growing coop sets minimum price for green coffee Fair trade coffee is for sale in their stores and available in press pot and is coffee of the day at least once a week They consider all their coffee fairly traded even if it isnt certified Working to preserve the environmentWorks with conservation companies Conservation International to conserve environmentally diverse areas such as in Mexico which in return created a new product shadegrown MexicoInvesting in regions where they have suppliersConduct social projects in their origin countries specific to where they buy their products Ie building schools and clinicsBeing successful and responsible are not mutually exclusive ThemesGiving backDoing more good than badAchieving something goodIs Starbucks a socially responsible company All companies are in the business of making a profit and they are doing that otherwise they would not be a company they are building goodwill They do this for perceptionso people perceive them as a good company Call DVD 02006 Morisette libraryYou need to think critically you need to accept everything at face value so you can make an informed decision Consider the source VIDEO Insurance Creditbased ratesWhat does an MPP do about this Insurance rates tied to credit ratingoAre you ok with thisWhat do you feel the provincial govt role should be
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