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Sadiq Abbas

Final Exam Preparation Winter 2013 Professors: Craig Kuziemsky Umar Ruhi Bijan Raahemi Telfer School of Management Format of the Final Exam  The exam is closed book. No notes and no portable devises.  The allocated time for the exam is 2 hours .  Part I: Multiple Choice and True/False Questions • 75 questions • 75 marks • Estimated time: 60 minutes  Part II: Short Answer Questions • 6 short answer questions • 30 marks • Estimated time: 60 minutes ADM1370:Applications of Information Technology for Business2 Format of the Final Exam (cont’d)  MC and T/F questions target all sections of the reading modules. • Select only one option. The one that best answers the question. • Don’t leave any answer blank (i.e. there is no penalty. So, use your best guess)  The format of the MC questions will be very similar to those in the past 3 quizzes.  Short Answer questions mainly target the lectures notes and the class discussions during the lectures • Blank spaces are provided for the answers. • Write only inside the space provided. • Write answers clear, legible, and conscience in the space provided. • sentences. Make efficient use of the space provided. them in a few ADM1370:Applications of Information Technology for Business 3 Module I – Prof. Kuziemsky The Exam will cover  Lecture Slides (all contents)  Course Pack Module-I, Units 1, 2, and 3 of the course pack (all contents in these two units are subject to the test)  Students won’t be tested on technical aspects of Wikis such as those from the lab assignment, but the theory content on Wikis from the lectures is subject to the test. ADM1370:Applications of Information Technology for Busines4 Module II - Prof. Ruhi The Exam will cover  Course Pack  Module II - All units of this module  The short answer questions will test your knowledge of theoretical concepts discussed in class such as: • Problem Solving and Modeling Methodology • Types of Business Intelligence Dashboards Continues on the Next Page  ADM1370: Applications of Information Technology for Business
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