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Craig Kuziemsky

What is an Information SystemPurpose To provide accurate timely and useful information Each element must be present and all of the elements must work together An Information System consists of FIVE PARTS including PeopleProceduresSoftwareHardware and Data Information system ISIT plus procedures and people that produceutilize information IThardwaresoftwaredataProductsMethodsInventionsStandardsAvoid a common mistake Do not try to buy an IS you cannot do it That is because you cannot buy people or processesHowever you can buy ITBuy or lease hardware license programs and databases even obtain predesigned procedures Ultimately people execute those procedures to employ that new IT Any new system requires training tasks overcoming employees resistance to change and managing employees as they utilize new system Three core activities of information systems Input Captures raw data from organization or external environment Processing Converts raw data into meaningful form Output Transfers processed information to people or activities that use it Advanced information systems also incorporate oneadditional functionality FeedbackOutput returned to appropriate members of organization to help evaluate or correct input stage
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