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L1What is an information systemPurpose To provide accurate timely and useful informationEach element must be present and all of the elements must work together An information system consists of FIVE PARTS includingPeopleProceduresSoftwareHardwareDataInformation system ISIT plus procedures and people that producesutilize informationIThardwaresoftwaredata Products Methods InventionsStandards Avoid a common mistake Do not try to buy an IS you cannot do itYou can buy IT Buy or lease hardware license programs and databases even obtain predesigned procedures Ultimately people execute those procedures to employ that new IT Any new system requires training tasks overcoming employees resistance to change and managing employees as they utilize new system Information systems aid the DecisionMaking Process Improve productivity Monitor organizational performancePlanning and decisionmakingEnhance Competitive AdvantageHardwareMonitorKeyboardPrintersThumb driveHard diskScanner Software Operating systemsApplication softwareWord processingSpreadsheetDatabasePresentation graphicsCustom softwareProceduresUser manuals Data entry proceduresStepbystep guidesGuidelinesWorkowsPeopleICL Knowledge SkillsAbilitiesTrainingCerticationRequirementsDataData raw factsusually with no inherent meaning Not useful in decisionmaking processInformation Processed data that conveys meaning and is useful to peoplein the decisionmaking processExamplesEmployee payroll report Student grade sheetTelephone bill statement Information system Set of interrelated componentCollect process store and distribute informationSupport decisionmaking coordination and control Data vs Information Data are streams of raw factsInformation is date shaped into meaningful formExample Raw data from a supermarket checkout counter can be processed and organized to produce meaningful information such as the totel unit sales of dish detergent or the total sales revenue form dish detergent for a specic store or sales territory
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