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Week1January572011Management planning for what is going to happenDigitization the replacement of physical tasks by digital meansFivefactorstoconsiderwhenassessingimpactofIToInternet growth and technology convergenceInternet is bringing about rapid changes in markets and market structureInternet is bringing about a digital convergence of telecommunications and computingoTransformation of the business enterpriseFlattened organizational structureDecentralizedFlexible arrangement of generalistsMasscustomization and customer serviceLocation independenceLow transaction and coordination costsEmpowermentCollaborative work and teamworkoGrowth of a globally connected economyCompetition in world markets Global workgroups Global delivery systems oGrowth of knowledge and informationbased economiesKnowledge and informationbased economiesNew products and servicesKnowledge as a central productive and strategic assetoEmergence of the digital firm Digitally enabled relationships with customers suppliers and employees Core business processes accomplished using digital networks Digital management of key corporate assetsAgile sensing and responding to environmental changes Seamless flow of information within the firm and with strategic partners CapitalManagementandBusinessoInformation and Communications Technology ICT is the largest single component of capital investmentoThe success of your business in the future may well depend on how you make ICT investment decisionsoWikis Social Networking Applications Twitter have changed how we access and use informationoAs business managers we need to know how to leverage their potential to achieve strategic advantage WhyistheworldFlatteningGlobalization created a new world characterized byoWorldwide communication oCollaboration without barriersThe global economic playing field has been leveledCompetition is worldwideManagement requires constant planning and replanningFew jobs or markets are constrained by geographic boundariesFlattening requires new strategies and business solutions to succeed in this worldFlattening ChallengesoPolitical System ChallengesoCultural challengesoRegulatory ChallengesoDataSharing ChallengesoPeople and process challengesoInternet Access and Individual FreedomWeek2January10142011Iivari Hirschheim and Klein 2004 classify IS body of knowledge as needing technology knowledgeapplication domain knowledgesystems development knowledgeorganizational knowledge IS application knowledgeThree Key ConceptsBusiness Processes and how IT supports these processesChanging paradigm of information and communication technologiesHow to leverage 2 to better do 1 Business Processes and Information SystemsManner in which work is organized coordinated and focused to produce a valuable product or serviceConcrete work flows of material information and knowledgesets of activitiesUnique ways to coordinate work information and knowledge
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