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Practice Final1The Andromeda Galaxy is a spiral galaxy probably not very different from our own Milky Way What is our current best estimate of the number of stars in the Andromeda Galaxy1a 400 Billion sources say 1 trillion Dough2The Earths global magnetic field is maintained by2a a geodynamo that produces a field through a process closely tied to the circulation of fluid iron in the liquid layer of Earths core Pg 63 noteset 3Which among the following planetary solarplanet or planetmoon pairs does not show spinorbit resonant coupling3aNeptune and Uranus in orbit about the sun4We have since the Apollo astronauts installed laser retroreflecting mirrors on the surface of the Moon measured the increasing distance between Earth and the Moon and hence the lengthening orbital periodThe fact that the Moon is slowly retreating from the Earth at about 38 cmyr is a consequence of4a a transfer of angular momentum from the Earths rotation to the moons orbital revolution as a consequence of tidal friction on the EarthEx The recession of the Moon is caused by tidal frictionThe larger the tidal friction the greater the rate of Moon recessionThe magnitude of tidal friction depends on a combination of the arrangement of the continents and the distance between the Earth and Moonhttpwwwepicidiotcomevocremoonrecessionhtm5The pressure of Mars atmosphere at its surface5a is about 001 1 one hundredth that of the Earths atmospheric pressureEx The atmosphere is made up mainly of carbon dioxide and its pressure is only about onehundredth of that on Earthhttphypertextbookcomfacts2000LaurenMikulskishtml6About 70 of all earthquakes occur along the subduction zones About 10 occur within the interior of tectonic plates well away from plate margins Most of the remainder occur6a Where lithospheric plates are either separating or slipping past each otherhttpearthsciorgeducationteacherbasicgeolearthqearthqhtml for explanation ctrlf most earthquakes7Which of the following volcanoes is not a shield volcano7a Olympus on mars Sif mons on venus Maat mons on venus Mt fuji earth Mauna loa earthMount Fuji is a composite volcano stratovolcano that was created through a series of volcanic eruptions The volcano is above a subduction zone where the Philippine Sea plate is sinking beneath Japan8The Big Bang cosmological model essentially replaced the previously acceptedSteadystate model when quasars were discovered in the early 1960s Since then Alan Guth has elaborated the model to the Inflationary Big Bang model which has been further refined by a host of astrophysicists into the current Concordance model which integrates all cosmological data sofar obtained Who is credited with the proposal of the Big Bang model
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