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Marketing Myopia essentially is when the people in management and executives in charge of the products are much more concentrated on the product rather than the consumersThis comes down to lack of ingenuity and poor managements decisions by executives when they focus too much on the specific product category rather than the broaderbigger picture of their products services under which they fall intorail road exampleSome companies and sectors escapedthe threat of myopia because of a rejuvenation process of their employees and management bringing in younger more consumer driven rather than the older product driven management and executivesTo continue growing companies must ascertain and act on the consumers needs and desires not bank on the presumptive longevity of their productsE I DuPont de NemoursCompany nylon Corning Glass Work glass were so successful at dodging the dreaded myopia effect because they were both product and consumer orientated They would put vast effort in researching the consumers everchanging taste and demands and try to suit their product accordinglyAnother way to see how myopia is affecting companies is
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