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ADM 2336Organizaonal BehaviourSept 5 2012Lecture 1Introducon3 factors that inuence individual group behaviour in organizaonsIndividualInterpersonalbetween peopleOrganizaonalOrganizationIndividualsDyadsgroupsWhat is Organizaonal BehaviourWhat is are organizaonsSocial invenons for accomplishing common goals through group eortWhat is organizaonal behaviouratudes and behaviours of individuals and groups in organizaonsThe OB is concerned withPredicngeg predicng turnover for back to schoolExplainingeg explaining events turnoverManagingeg how do you movateSept 7 2012Lecture 2What is personalitystable psychological characteriscsRelavely do not change much with somemes the excepon of trauma or eort made by These the individualWhat is not part of personalityMoodEmoonWhat determines behaviourPersonalityThe environmentassumes that our behaviour is homogeneous across dierent situaonsBothThe Big FiveOpenness to experience Oacve imaginaon intellectual curiosityonscienousness CChard working reliable organizedExtraversion Eoutgoing likes a large crowdAgreeableness Atrusng sympatheceurocism vs emoonal stability NNfearful self consciousDo the Big 5 Maer Conscienousness extraversion agreeablenessTask PerformanceConscienousnessOrganizaonal Cizenship Behaviours ConscienousnessCounterproducve Work Behaviours Openness extraversion conscienousnessTraining Prociency Other Personality TraitsLocus of ControlBelief about what causes experiences in lifeSelfmonitoringobserve and regulate how they appear and behave in social sengsPeople Sept 12 2012Lecture 3Other Personality TraitsSelfEsteemDegree to which a person has a posive self evaluaonGeneral SelfEcacyBelief in ones ability to perform successfully across situaonsPosive and Negave AectPropensity to view the world in a posive or negave lightWhat is LearningA relavely permanent change in behaviour that occurs due to pracce or experienceWhat do Employees LearnPraccal skillsIntrapersonal skillsHow to respond to ethical dilemmasInterpersonal skillswork as a team conict resoluon diversity training etcCultural awarenesseg the organizaons missionHow do Employees LearnOperant learningBehaviourconsequencesThe consequencesIncrease the probability of behaviour orDecrease the probability of behaviourIncreasing the probability of a behaviourReinforcementThe process by which smuli strengthen behavioursExample giving a dog a treat linked with a certain behaviour singPosive Reinforcement a smulus to increase the probability of a behaviourAddingpleasantThe smulus must be Negave ReinforcementSll giving green light a smulus to increase the probability of a behavioursRemovingunpleasant The smulus must be Example need to borrow a computer on campus500 deposit
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