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Organizational Behaviour Ch. 7- Groups and Teamwork.docx

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Chapter 7 Groups and TeamworkQuestion What is a groupA group refers to two or more people interacting interpedently to achieve a common goal and there are two types of groupsFormal work groupsare groups that are established by organizations to facilitate the achievement of organization goalsInformal work groups are groups that emerge naturally in response to the common interests of organizational membersFive Stages of Group Development1Forming at this early stage group members orient themselves by testing the water2Storming at the second stage conflict often emerges3Norming members resolve what provoked the storming and develop social consensus4Performing the group devotes its energies towards task accomplishment 5Adjourning the group disperses after achieving its goalsRead pg 219 The Punctuated Equilibrium ModelThe punctuated equilibrium model is a model of group development that describes how groups with deadlines are affected by their first meetings and crucial midpoint transitions Equilibrium means stability and research has revealed that apparent stretches of group stability are punctuated by a critical first meeting a midpoint change in group activity and a rush to task completionPhase 1 this phase begins with the first meeting and continues until the midpoint in the groups existence The very first meeting is crucial in setting the agenda for what will happen for the remainder of the phaseMidpoint transition this transition occurs at exactly the halfway point in time toward the groups deadline
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