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Midterm Review Session up to chapter 6Expectancy theoryJob performanceTask Proficiency with which you do in the job that is mandatory which is found in your job descriptionOrganizational citizenship behavior Going past your mandatory requirements with no desire for rewards which increases the overall organization voluntary workCounterproductive work behavior behaviors that harm the organization ex theft drugs at workPersonality The big 5 factor OCEANOpenness to experience extraversion consciousness agreeableness nouraticismMotivational trait compared to affective trait motivational beliefs about what you can do yourselfAffective trait trait related to personality ex nouratiasismLearning theoriesOperant Employees learn a connection between behavior and consequence learning by doingSocial cognitive theory learning by observingUse reinforcement if you want to increase the probability that a behavior will reoccurPositive or negative Use punishment or extinction if you want to decrease the probability that behavior will reoccurPositive adding a stimulus to increase or maintain the probability of some behaviorNegative removing an unpleasant stimulus that increases or maintains the probability of some behaviorExtinction process by which people stop displaying a specific behavior because their environment does not react to it
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