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thChapter 8November 4 2011Social influence in organizations Information dependence reliance on others for information about how to think feel and actEffect dependence reliance on others due to their capacity to provide rewards and punishment Motives for social compliance Compliance members wish to acquire rewards from the group and avoid punishment Identification a motive for conformity is often revealed by an imitation process in which established members serve as models for the behaviours of othersInternalization conformity to a social norm prompted by true acceptance of the beliefs values and attitudes that underlie the normOrganizational socialization Socialization The process by which people learn the attitudes knowledge and behaviours that are necessary to function in a group or organizationPersonjob fitThe match between an employees knowledge skills and abilities and the requirements of a jobPersonorganization fit The match between an employees personal values and the values of the organization Organizational identification The extent to which an individual defines him or herself in terms of the organization and what it is perceived to represent Stages of socialization Anticipatory socialization a considerable amount of socialization occurs even before a person becomes a member of a particular organization Encounter the new recruit armed with some expectations about organizational life encounters daytoday reality of this life
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