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ADM2336OrganizationalBehaviourWhat are organizationsSocial inventions for accomplishing common goals through group effortThe coordinated presence of peopleOrganization survival and adaptation to change are important goalsInteraction and coordination among people to accomplish goalsService organizations such as consulting firms have very little physical capital Still these social inventions have people who present both opportunities and challenges The field of organizational behaviour is about understanding people and managing them to work effectivelyCertain behaviours are necessary for survival and adaptation of organization People have toBe motivated to join and remain in the organizationCarry out their basic work reliably in terms or productivity quality and serviceWork well together to accomplish workBe willing to continuously learn and upgrade their knowledge and skillsBe flexible and innovative Organizational behaviour is important to managers employees and consumers This is due to its large scope of what it affectsWhat is Organizational BehaviourThe attitudes and behaviours of individuals and groups in organizations ie how satisfied are people with their jobs how committed they feel to the goals of the organization how supportive are they are of promoting women or minorities into management positionsHow organizations can be structured more effectivelyHow event in the external environment affect organizationsOrganizations can no longer achieve a competitive advantage through the traditional sources of success such as technology regulated markets access to financial resources and economies of scale The main factor today is their workforce or human capitalPfeffer identified 16 practices of companies that are effective through their management of people Here are some of themIncentive payParticipationEmpowermentTeamsJob redesignTrainingSkill developmentRBC Financial Group recognizes that satisfied high performing employees are good for profits A major overhaul of this companys human resources and management practices resulted in an improvement in both employee and customer satisfactionGoals of Organizational BehaviourPredict organizational behaviour ie predicting when people will make ethical decisions create innovate products or engage in sexual harassmentExplaining organizational behaviour ie an organization that has a turnover problem will have to find out why its happening before it can put an effective correction in placeManaging organizational behaviour This is the reason for highquality service ethical behaviour etcTypes of ManagementClassical viewpoint An early prescription on management that advocated high specialization of labour intensive coordination and centralized decision makingScientific Management Frederick Taylors system for using research to determine the optimum degree of specialization and standardization of work tasksBureaucracy Max Webers ideal type of organization that included a strict chain of command detailed rules high specialization centralized power and selection and promotion based on technical competence This would insure jobs are performed as intended rather than following the whims of the specific role occupant In
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