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Organizational Behaviour Midterm Notes.docx

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Organizational Behaviourfield of study devoted to understanding explaining and ultimately improving the attitudes and behaviours of individuals and groups in organizationsHuman Resources Managementfield of study that focuses on the applications of OB theories and principles in organizationsStrategic Managementfield of study devoted to exploring the product choices and industry characteristics that affect an organizations profitability Scientific Managementusing scientific methods to design optimal and efficient work processes and tasksBureaucracyan organizational form that emphasizes the control and coordination of its members through a strict chain of command formal rules and procedures high specialization and centralized decision makingHuman Relations Movementfield of study that recognizes that the psychological attributes of individual workers and the social forces within work groups have important effects on work behavioursResourcebased View a model that argues that rare and inimitable resources help firms maintain competitive advantageRarein short supplyInimitableincapable of being imitated or copiedRule of oneeighththe belief that at best oneeighth or 12 percent will actually do what is required to build profits by putting people firstTheorya collection of verbal and symbolic assertions that specify how and why variables are related as well as the conditions in which they should and should not be relatedHypotheseswritten predictions that specify relationships between variablesCorrelationthe statistical relationship between two variables abbreviated r it can be positive or negative and range from 0 no statistical relationship to1 a perfect statistical relationshipMetaanalysisa method that combines the results of multiple scientific studies by essentially calculating a weightedaverage correlation across studies with larger studies receiving more weight
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