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thChapter6October 4 2011Traditional views of job designIndustrial Revolution1960s philosophy was nonmanagerial jobs should be simplifiedoBased on social economic and technological forcesoCharacterized by increasing urbanization growth of freemarket economymore demand in manufactured goodsoNewly developed machinery resulted in uneducated untrained workforceso organizations implemented specialization for efficient productivityJob simplification had questionable impact on performance customer satisfaction and quality of working life since there was a bettereducated workforceJob scope the breadth and depth of a job Breadth the number of different activities performed on the jobDepth the degree of discretion or control a worker has over how work tasks are performed Job rotation rotating employees to different tasks and jobs in a firm in different functional areasdepartmentsJob characteristic modelCore job characteristics Skill varietyopportunity to do various jobs using various skills and talents Task identityextent of a job involving completing piece of work from beginning to endTask significanceimpact a job has on othersAutonomyfreedom to schedule ones own work schedule and decide work proceduresFeedback from a jobinformation about effectiveness of ones performance JDS Job Diagnostic Survey measures core characteristicsProvides overall measure of motivating potential of a job through this formulaMotivatingPotentialScoreSkillVarietyTaskIdentityTaskSignificance3autonomyjobfeedback
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