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Ch 1What is Job Performance Task performance performance that is directly related to your job It specifies exactly what you need to do in order to keepdo your job It is formally in the job description Organizational Citizen ship behaviour Voluntary behaviours help the organization and or coworkers Counterproductive Work Behaviour Voluntary behaviours that hurt the organization andor coworkers Ch2Personality The Big 5 OCEANWhat is the Motivational trait how indiv thinks or believes that heshe can succeed at a task Affective traithow individual feels about themselves Eg Noritisisum How do Employees learnOperant LearningLearning by doing Employees learn a connection between a behaviour and a consequenceThe Environment deliversconsequences thatIncreases the probability of behaviour of ORDecreases the probability of behaviour Use Reinforcement if you want to increase the probability that a behaviour will reoccurPositive reinforcement Negative reinforcement Use punishment or extinction if you want to decrease the probability that a behaviour will reoccur With positive reinforcement The addition of a positive stimiulus that increases or maintains the probability of some behaviour Negative reinforcement
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