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Chapter 5 StressStress the psychological response to demands when there is something at stake for the individual and when coping with these demands would tax or exceed the individuals capacity or resourcesStressors demandsstress responsestrains consequencesWHY ARE SOME EMPLOYEES MORE STRESSED THAN OTHERSTransactional theory of stress how stressful demands are perceived and appraised as well as how people respond to perceptions of appraisalsPrimary appraisal when people first encounter stressorsevaluation of whether a demand is stressful and if it is the implications of the stressor in terms of personal goalswellbeingBenign job demands job demands that are not appraised as being stressfulTYPES OF STRESSORS1Hindrance stressors appraised as thwarting progress toward growth and achievementWorkRole conflict differing expectations Role ambiguity lack of direction Role overload excess of demands Daily hassles daytoday demands that interfere with workNonwork workfamily conflict negative life events financial uncertainty2Challenge stressors appraised as opportunities for growth and achievementWork time pressure work complexity work responsibilityNonwork family time demands personal developmentpositive life eventsSecondary appraisal choosing how to cope with the various stressors duringCoping behaviours and thoughts used to manage stressful demands and emotionBehavioural physical ways of dealing with stress ie working fasterCognitive thoughts used to deal with stress ie how to be more efficientProblemfocused intended to manage the stressful situation itselfEmotionfocused intended to help manage emotional reactionsTYPES OF STRAIN1Physiological strain reactions that harm the human bodyIllness high blood pressure headaches back pain2Psychological strain negative psychological reactions
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