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OBFinalNotesChapter 1OrganizationsSocial inventions for accomplishing common goals through group effortSocial inventions essential characteristic is the coordinated presence of peopleOrganizational Behaviourthe attitude and behaviours of individuals and groups in orgsGoals of OBPredicting OB and eventsoMakes life easier when thinking about our ability to anticipateExplaining OB and events in OrgsoWhy does something occur What was the cause to ppl being motivated or unmotivatedManaging OBoThe art of getting things accomplished in orgs through othersHistoryThe Classical View and BureaucracyAn early prescription on management that advocated high specialization of labour intensive coordination and centralized decision making1900s Henry Fayol James Mooney Generated from the military mining and factoriesScientific ManagementFrederick Taylor until 1915System for using research to determine the optimum degree of specialization and standardization of work tasks BureaucracyMax Webers until 1920 ideal type of organization that included a strict chain of command detailed rules high specialization centralized power and selection and promotion based on technical competence Hawthorne studiesThe Hawthorne studies involved research conducted at the Hawthorne plant of Western Electric in the 1920s and 1930s that illustrated how psychological and social processes affect productivity and work adjustment This lead toThe Human relations Movement critique of classical management and bureaucracy that advocated management styles that were more participative an oriented toward employees needsContemporary ManagementContingency ApproachAn approach to management that recognized that there is no one best way to manage and that an appropriate management style depends on the demands of the situationConcernsDiversityLocal and GlobalEmployeeOrganization RelationshipsFocus on Quality Speed and Flexibility Talent ManagementCorporate Social Responsibility Managerial RolesInterpersonal Rolesmaintaining interpersonal relations monitor spokespersonInformational Rolesthe ways managers receive and transmit information leader liaisonDecision Rolesmanagers turn problems and opportunities into plans for improved changes Chapter 2Individual BehaviourPersonality and Learning Personalityrelatively stable set of psychological characteristics that influences the way an individual interacts with his or her environmentDispositional Approach individuals possess stable traits of characteristics that influences behavioursSituational Approach characteristics of organizational structure such as rewards and punishment influence peoples behavioursIntegrationist Approach must know something about an individuals personality and the setting in which he or she worksThe FiveFactor Model of Personality Big 5Openness to ExperienceCurious Original vs Dull UnimaginativeConscientiousnessDependable responsible vs Careless impulsiveAgreeablenessTolerant cooperative vs Cold rudeExtraversionSociable talkative vs Withdrawn shyNeuroticism Emotional stabilitysociable talkative vs Withdrawn shyLocus of Control A set of beliefs about whether ones behaviour is controlled mainly by internal or external forcesEx If your behaviour is determined by fate luck or powerful people you have high external control if your behaviour is determined by selfinitiative personal actions and free will you have high internal controlSelfmonitoring the extent to which people observe and regulate how they appear and behave in social settings and relationships
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