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1Conflict and Stress Ch 13Interpersonal conflict The process that occurs when one person group or organizational subunit frustrates the goal attainment of another Causes in Organizational conflictGroup identification and intergroup biasInterdependenceDifference in power status and culturesAmbiguityScarce resourcesTypes of conflictRelationship conflict Interpersonal tensions among individuals that have to do with their relationship per se not the task at hand Task conflictDisagreements about the nature of the work to be doneProcess conflictDisagreements about how work should be organized and accomplished Modes of managing conflictExhibit 131 approaches to managing organizational conflictAvoiding A conflict management style characterized by low assertiveness of ones own interests and low cooperation with the other partyAccommodating A conflict management style in which one cooperates with the other party while not asserting ones own interests
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