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Job Enrichment Job enrichmentdesign of jobs to enhance intrinsic motivation quality of working life and job involvement Job involvementcognitive state of psychological identification with ones job and the importance of work to ones total self image Employees who have challenging and enriched jobs tend to have higher levels of job involvement Combining TasksoAssigning tasks that might be performed by different workers to a single individual Establishing external client relationshipsoPutting employees in touch with people outside organization who depend on product and servicesEstablishing internal client relationshipsoPutting employees in touch with people who depend on their products and services within organizationReducing supervision or reliance on othersoGoal here is to increase autonomy and control over ones own workForming work teamsoAn alternative to a sequence of small jobs that individual workers perform when a product or service is too large for one personMaking feedback more directoPermits workers to be identified with their own product or service Management by Objectives Management by objectives MBOan elaborate systematic ongoing program designed to facilitate goal establishment goal accomplishment and employee development Objectives are simply another label for goalsoManager meets with individual workers to develop and agree on employee objectives for coming monthsoPeriodic meetings to monitor employee progress in achieving goalsoAppraisal meeting is held to evaluate extent to which the agreed upon objectives have been achieved oCycle is repeated
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