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ADM2336 - Midterm Review

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University of Ottawa
Magda Donia

ADM2336AExam Review WHOOTOctober1311 1008 AM Midterm reviewFive short answer essay questions y Chaps 16 191208y Lecture notes yo Dont forget the discussion of job performance on the intro slides Chapter 4 What is job performancegoing to see this come up a lot in the Midtermexam3 types 1 Task performance a Proficiency with which incumbents perform activities that are formally recognized as part of their job2 Organizational citizenship behaviour OCBa Going above and beyond the call of dutyb Voluntary behaviours that help the organization andor coworkers c Know the OCBs in the booki Helping behaviour offering assistance to others ii Conscientiousness on details of work iii Being when the inevitable frustrations of organizational life crop up iv Courtesy and cooperation 3 Counterproductive Work Behaviour CWBa Voluntary behaviours that hurt the organization andor workersChapter 2 review Personality y o The big 5 factors OCEANOpenness to experiences yConscientiousnessyEmotional stabilityNeuroticismyAgreeablenessyExtraversiony What is a motivational trait compared to an affective traitneuroticism How do Employees Learn Operant learning y o Employees learn a connection between a behaviour and a consequence The environment delivers consequences that y o Increases the probability of behaviour OR o Decreases the probability of behaviour
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