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ADM2337 Final Review - Magda Donia

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University of Ottawa
Magda Donia

Final exam review ADM2337Chapter 2 The legal context of HRNot in need of all the legal info to be in HREmployee legislation requiredThe govt role is to make sure there is shared responsibility between the Org and employeesEvery legal requirement focuses on the Charter of Rights and FreedomsMust be able to protect the Org from liability and discriminationensure fair treatmentLegal Framework of HRMFederally regulated Canada Post airlines telecommunications railways TV stationsProvincially regulated ALL other businesses o Minimum working age may differ by provinceEmployment insurance and pension plans are the same across CanadaAs are regulations about Sexual harassmentLegislation in CanadaCharter of Rights and Freedoms 1982protects and guarantees all the basic rights of CanadiansCanadian Human Rights Act 1998Prevents any sort of discriminationEmployment standards legislation 1970soutlines some of the minimum requirements to which employees are entitledEmployee Equity Act Proactively hiring employees belonging to the 4 groups o Minorities o Disabled o Women o GaysPay Equity Act Should be rewarded the same if they are performing the same or similar jobOfficial languages act 1988equal rights given to francophones and Anglophonesmay not refuse a candidate due to backgroundPIPEDIA Mostly for federal Orgs private business 2004 protects employee rights and information employer cannot shar your information without written consent o Emails are legal documents that can be used in courtProhibited grounds of Discrimination protected by Canadian Human Rights ActPardoned convictionRace or colourNationalethnic OriginReligionAgeSexual orientationMarital And Family statusDisability Equity in Employment opportunityDiscrimination Any behaviours that demeans or humiliates the persontreating someone differently due to personal attributesDirect discrimination When a person is treated differently due to sexual beliefs religionor ethnic originIndirect Discrimination When an apparently neutral specification criteria or practice would disadvantage people on the grounds of racial or ethnic origin religion or belief disability age or sexual orientationEmployers RoleBona fide occupational requirementDuty to Accommodate duty to accommodate employees needs to a point of undue hardship wheelchairs etcPreventing Harassment Help employees understand harassment o What will you do for victims o What will offenders experienceValuing DiversityCreate an environment and make people understand the no one is superior or inferiorsimply diverse race political beliefs ageHarassment something heshe is doing that heshe should not be doingPhysical AssaultUnnecessary physical contactVerbal abusethreatsUnwelcome invitationsrequestsUnwelcome remarksjokesLeeringDisplay pornographicracist pictureEmbarrassing practical jokesCondescensionunderminingRemedies for Human Rights ViolationsCompensation for o Lost wages o General damages and expenses o Pain and humiliationRestoration of denied rightsWritten letter of apologyMandatory training sessionworkshopsRequired employment equity programEmployment Equity program implementation steps 1 Obtaining senior management commitment and support 2 Data collection analysis 3 Employment systems review 4 Plan development 5 Implementation 6 MonitoringEvaluationRevising
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