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Chapter 1Human Resource ManagementManaging people in an organization to drive successful performance and achievement of strategic goalsManaging human capital1Knowledge2Skills3Expertise4TrainingAttract retain and engage diverse talentHR strategy must be aligned with organizations strategic planHistory of HRM1Scientific ManagementReducing production costs compensating employees based on performance levelsTask simplificationPerformance based pay2Human Relations MovementAttitude feelings of workers are importantHawthorne Studies Effect of social environment was greater than that of physical environment3Human Resource MovementCombination of above twoOperational ResponsibilitiesManage employees as they move through employment life cycleSelection and assimilation into organizationDevelopment of capabilities while working in the organizationTransition out of the organizationHR professionals act as in house consultants to line managersOutsourced in recent yearsStrategic ResponsibilitiesHow company will balance internal strengths and weaknesses with external opportunities and threatsHR is becoming increasingly important in this roleEnvironmental Scanning ie successful incentive plan used by competitorChange agents who lead organizations and employees through organizational changeFormulate and execute strategyHR Metrics Statistics used to measure the results of HRBalanced Scorecard Translates organizations strategy into a set of performance measures External Environmental Influences1TechnologyTime and space shiftingLine between work and family has become blurredFirms monitoring employee activityEthical questions are raised2GlobalizationIncreased international competitionMultinational corporations conduct business around world important for company to be familiar with employment legislation in countryEthical dilemma where employment standards are much lower3GovernmentHuman rights employment standards labour relations occupational health and safety workers compensationEmployment laws in Canada is so challenging because there are 14 different jurisdictions4EnvironmentEnvironmental concerns are motivating employee behaviour5EconomicInternal Environmental Influences1Organizational Culture
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