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HR Midterm 2Chapter 3HR Technology can be defined as any technology that is used to attract hire retain and maintain talent support workforce administration and optimize workforce managementTechnology has made it easier and faster to gather collate and deliver information and to communicate with employees More importantly it has the potential to reduce administrative burdens on the HR department members so they are able to focus on more meaningful HR activities such as providing managers with the appropriate decisionmaking tools that will enable managers to make more effective HRrelated decisions Impact of Technology on HRDecreased Transactional ActivitiesoEnables reduction of administrative burdenoResults in lowering basic transaction costsIncreased ClientCustomer FocusoBuilding relationships with customersoReduce bureaucracyoProvide meaningful informationIncreased strategic activitiesoReduce time and effort on maintenance work and more focus on strategic business needs allocating proper resourcesHRIS an integrated system used to gather store and analyze information regarding an organizations human resources Data Warehouse a specialized type of database that is optimized for reporting and analysis and is the raw material for managers decision supportHRIS Components1HR Administration typical information such as name address phone number email address date of birth hire date sex salary etc2Recruitment and Applicant Tracking this module contains information on the position name and number the department in which the position resides whether the position has been approved etc 3Time and Attendance contains all information that interrupted service such as any leaves of absence hire date termination date if applicable etc4Training and DevelopmentKnowledge Management includes information on employees skills and competencies training courses and activities undertaken etc5Pension Administration contains information necessary to produce annual pension statements such as date of plan entry normal retirement date employee elections regarding contributions etc6Employment Equity Information this information includes type of industry the organization competes in geographic region the company operates in etc7Performance Evaluation new managers news information regarding the performance history of the employees reporting to them and thus must be able to look back at these ratings8Compensation and Benefits Administration includes information regarding the companys compensation and benefits plans and their policies relating to these plans 9Organization Management This subsystem identifies the organizational structure and stores job descriptions for each position in the structure 10Health and Safety information as to the number of accidents types of accidents health and safety complaints and resolution workers compensation claims etc11Payroll Interface information on wages salaries and benefits to make it easier to interface with the payroll system in accountingKey Functions of an HRISCreate and maintain employee recordsLegal complianceForecasting and planning HR requirementsTalentManagementKnowledge ManagementStrategic alignmentEnhancing decision making decision support systemsoMetrics statistical measures of the impact of HRM practices on the performance of an organizations human capitalSelecting and Implementing an HRISPhase 1 AdoptionDetermining the Need
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