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Winter 2012 ADM 2337 NMREVIEW QUESTIONS FOR THE FINAL EXAMPRE MIDTERM EXAM1What is the strategic role of Human Resources Management HRM p2HR strategy to be aligned with the companys strategic planFormulating and implementing HRM systems recruitment performance appraisal and compensation 2What are the HRM responsibilities operationalstrategic p 35 Operational administrative hire and maintain employees and manage employees separationsEx Analyzing jobs planning future workforce requirements selecting employees orienting and training managing compensation and reward plans and communicating with employees fair treatment employee health and safety etcStrategicensuring Org is staffed with the most effective human capital to achieve its strategic goalsanalyzing the effectiveness3 How does the external environment influence HRM economy diversity technology globalization p 714Economy affect supplydemand healthy economy usually better orgmore demand more employeesDiversity sparks creativity innovation new ideas creates conflicts among employees on how things should be doneTechnology make workplace more accessible but line between work and family has blurredGlobalization Not just a national market International must do research before expanding a company to another country different rules3How does the Human Rights legislation affect HRM p29Human rights legislation prohibits intentional or unintentional discrimination affects almost all parts of HRM the ways in which employees should be treated5 What is the difference between unintentional and intentional discrimination Give an example p30 31Intentional differential or unequal treatment based on prohibited grounds rare ex Only female applicants Unintentional discrimination embedded in policies and practices that seem neutral but discriminate against a soecific group of people for reasons that are not job related6 What is systemic discrimination Example p 31Unintentional discrimination7 What does adverse impact mean Example p 31A substantially different rate of selection in hiring promotion or other employment decision that works to the disadvantage of a race sex or ethnic group8 What does reasonable accommodation mean for the employer Examplep 31Employers are required to adjust employment policies and practices so that no individual is prevented from doing his or her job on the basis of prohibited grounds for discrimination ex Religious holidays9 What does undue hardship mean for the employer Examplep 31The point to which employers are expected to accommodate under human rights legislation requirements10 What is a bona fide occupational requirement p32BFOR a justifiable reason for discrimination based on business necessitythat is required for safe and efficient operation or a requirement that can clearly be defended as intrinsically required by the tasks of an employee is expected to perform11 Who are the designated groups under the Employment Equity Act p38 Women aboriginals people with disabilities and visible minorities12 What are the 6 steps required to implement an Employment Equity Program p 41Employment Equity Program a detailed plan designed to correct existing discrimination1senior mgmt commitment and support2data collection and analysis3employment systems review4plan development5implementation 6monitoring evaluating and revising13 How would you define HRM technology p53Any technology that is used to attract hire retain and maintain talent support workforce admin And optimize workforce mgmt14 What objectives would a strong strategic relationship between HR and technology achieve p 54strategic alignment with business objectives business intelligence providing users with relevant data and effectiveness and efficiency changing how HR work is performed reducing lead times costs and service levels15 What is the impact of technology on the role of HR p 54 56 reduce the administrative burden on the HR department so they have more time to focus on meaningful activities providing managers with effective decision making toolsincreased clientcustomer focus and increased delivery of strategic services16 What is HRIS What are its major components p 5762HRIS integrated system used to gather store and analyze info regarding an orgs HRHR Admin employee info DOB etcRecruitment and applicant tracking company approves a hiring budget track applicantsscan resumes for key words Time and AttendanceTraining and developmentknowledge mgmt employees skills and training courses Pension Admin retirement plans Employment Equity Information reporting to government Performance Evaluation Compensation and BenefitsOrg Mgmtorg structure and stores job descriptionsHealth and Safety reporting accidents Labour Relations unionsPayroll Interface17 How does HRIS support managers and HR professionals in managing effectively the human capital of their organizations p63make sure they are moving in the right direction with the most effective human capital by looking in the information system18 Explain how Electronic HR improves the overall HR service delivery p69Enables direct employee access to HR applications19 Define job design p 86The process of systematically organizing work into tasks that are required to perform a specific job20 How does teambased job design work p 88Giving a team a meaningful piece of work to do and empowering team members to decide among themselves how to accomplish the work21 What is Job Analysis p 90The procedure for determining the tasks duties and responsibilities of each job and the human attributes required to perform it KSA22 What is the relationship between job analysis and job description p 90Once job analysis is conducted job description can be made23 What HRM activities do job analysis impact p 9091The information gathered evaluated and summarized through job analysis is the basis for a number of interrelated HRM activities 2524 Described o design job enlargementjob rotation
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