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HR Lecture Notes Until February 11.docx

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Adm233 Human Resource Management: Managing human capital knowledge education training skills expertise to achieve organizational goals -Responsibilites -External environmental influences Changing Legal Emphasis: From Compliance to Valuing Diversity -major forms of employment legislation Systemic vs. Intentional Reasonable accomodation Bonafide Occupational Qualification Equity in the Workplace -employment equity -pay and equity -employment equity designated groups Diversity Management Chapter 3 Human Resource information system (HRIS) -self-service trends -interactive voice response Products of Job Analyses -Job description -Job specification Job Analysis: procedure for determining tasks, duties and responsibilities of each job and the human attributes -4 methods of collecting job analysis information -position analysis questionnaire -national occupational classification (NOC) -competency based job analysis -job design Chapter 5 Human Resources Planning (HRP) -Forecasting Demand -Forecasting Supply (Internal and External) -Layoffs Chapter 6 Recruitment -Internal and External Recruitment: Advantages and Disadvantages -Planning external recruitment Selection- Finding the right person -Selection tools -criteria for evaluating selection methods -reliability and validity -measuring validity -behavioral based interview approach Firing, Downsizing and Giving bad news -Just cause -Not just cause -Constructive dismissal -Termination without cayse Chapter 10 Performance Management -Performance management process -Forced distribution method -Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales -Performance Appraisal Problems -Appraisal Interviews How to conduct an interview How to handle criticism and defensive employees Chapter 11 Total Rewards Basic Considerations in Determining Pay Rates Job Evaluation Benchmark Job Compensable Factor Classification/Grading Method Chapter 14 Occupational Health and Safety -Strategic importance of occupational health and safety -OHS legislation -Responsibilities and rights of employers and employees -Enforcement of OHS laws -Accidents in the workplace -Job stress: sources -Burnout -Repetitive strain injuries -Workplace Toxins -Influenza Pandemic Strategic Importance of Effective Employee Relations -Outcomes of engagement -Effective employee communication -Respecting Employee Privacy -Video Survaillance -Preserving dignity in retirement process -Fairness in discipline and dismissals
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