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First Half Study NoteChapter 2 The Changing Legal EmphasisRegulations legally binding rules established by the special regulatory bodies created to enforce compliance with the law and aid its interpretationIllegal in every jurisdiction of Canada to discriminate based on disabilityMany organizations have moved beyond legal compliance with human rights and have begun to initiate and promote workplace diversity initiativesEmployment Labour Standards Legislation laws present in every Canadian jurisdiction that establish minimum employee entitlements and set a limit on the maximum number of hours of work per day or per weekCharter or rights and Freedomsa federal legislation that is the cornerstone of human rights a federal law enacted in 82 that guarantees fundamental freedoms to all CanadiansProvides freedom of conscience and religionFreedom of thought belief opinion and expression including freedom of the press and other communication mediasFreedom of peaceful assemblyFreedom of associationEquity Rights section of the charter of rights and freedoms which guarantees the right to equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discriminationHuman Rights Legislation present in every jurisdiction prohibits discrimination of every kind and pertains to all aspects of human resourcesDiscrimination a distinction exclusion or preference based on one of the prohibited grounds that has the effect of nullifying or impairing the right of a person to full and equal recognition and exercise of his or her human rights and freedomsProhibited Grounds for Discrimination are race color religion sex marital status age disability sexual orientation ethnic origin family status political belief etcIntentional discrimination any discrimination that is on purpose or intendedIndirect Intentional Discrimination being discriminatory through a medium or another person not directly to themUnintentional Discriminationembedded in policies and practices that appear neutral on the surface and are implemented impartially and have an adverse effect on specific groups of people for reasons that are not job relatedOld policies or word of mouth advertising positions to their own kindReasonable accommodation no one is denied benefits or disadvantaged that prevent them from carrying out their jobUndue Hardshipthe point to which the employers are expected to accommodate employees based on human rights Bona fide Occupational Requirement a justifiable reason for discrimination based on business necessity that is required for the safe and efficient operation of the organization or a requirement that can be clearly defended as intrinsically required by the task an employee is expected to performHarassment unwelcomed behaviour that demeans humiliates or embarrasses a person and that a reasonable person should have known would be unwelcomeSexual HarassmentSexual Coercion A person using their title or position to attempt to coerce an employee to gain sexual favorsSexual Annoyance When a worker is being sexually forward or inappropriate to another worker without any work benefits or any relation to the jobHave a harassment policy in placeOccupational Segregation the existence of certain occupations that have traditionally been male dominated and others that have been female dominatedGlass Ceiling barriers that stop minorities from getting to the topKSAs Knowledge skills and abilitiesUnderemployment being employed in a job that doesnt fully use your KSAsEmployment Equity Program a detailed plan designed to identify and correct existing discrimination redress past discrimination and achieve a balanced representation and balance of minority group members in the organizationSteps1Senior management commitment and support2Data collection and analysis3Employment systems review thorough examination or corporate policies and procedures collective agreements and informal practices to determine their impact on designated group members so that barriers can be eliminated4Plan development5Implementation6Monitor evaluate reviseChapter 4 Designing and Analyzing JobsIndustrial Engineering analyzing work methods making work cycles more efficient by modifying combing rearranging or eliminating task and establishing time standards Job Analysis vs Job DesignJob Analysis How the job is now picture defining the workJob Design How the job should be ideal designing the workJob Design Process of systematically organizing work into tasks required to perform a jobConsiderations Degree of specializationBehavioural aspects1Job Enlargement horizontal loading assigning workers additional tasks at the same level of responsibility to increase their task load and reduce boredom2Job Rotation technique to relieve monotony and employee boredom that involves systematically moving employees from one job to another3Job Enrichment vertical loading Providing employees with more meaningful tasks or duties to make their job more rewarding or satisfyingErgonomic aspects an approach that seeks to integrate and accommodate the physical needs of workers into the design of jobs Aims to adapt entire job to human characteristicsNeed for flexibilityJob Analysis procedure for determining tasks duties and responsibilities for each job and the human attributes knowledge skills abilities required to perform itFigure 43Uses of job analysis information1Human resources planning2Recruitment and selection3Compensation4Performance Appraisal5Labour Relations6Training development and career management7Job DesignSteps in Job AnalysisStep 1 Identify the use to which information will be put
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