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Sept172 The Changing Legal EmphasisoImportance of Understanding the Legal EnvironmentLimiting potential liabilityDoing the right thingUnderlying shared responsibilityoMajor forms of employment legislation 90 is provincialregional 10 is federal only applies to federally regulated companies and agencieswill likely be on the midtermEmployment standards legislationProvincialCovers all employees in Canada across all legislation whether they are unionized or notEstablish minimum employee entitelments such as wages paid holidays and vacations leaves etcEqual pay for equal work male vs femaleHuman Rights CodesCharter of freedoms oTakes presidence over all other laws with two exceptionsoFreedom of conscience and religionoFreedom of thought belief opinion and expression including freedom of the press and other media of communicationoFreedom of peaceful assemblyoFreedom of associationoEquality rights as wellTo complain about a violation of human rights the person would complain to Human Rights Commission in her provinceHuman rights commission pays for the complaintinquiry and suchProhibited Grounds for discriminationoRaceoColouroCreedreligionoSexoMarital statusoAgeoMentalphysical disabilityoSexual orientationoEtcEmployment equity legislationUtilization analysiscomparing internal workforce representation with external workforce availabilityThere is virtually no provincial employment equity programsBetween race gender etcEmployment equity actually getting hiredoOccupational segregationoGlass ceilingprevents certain groups from reaching high positionsoFederal Employment Equity ActoFederal Contractors ProgramoEmployments equity program6 main steps has been making progress according to the Canadian human rights commissionSenior management commitment and supportData collection and analysisEmployment systems revieweliminate systemic barriersPlan developmentImplementationMonitoring evaluating and revisingoReverse discriminationnot really the case according to herReally companies look at two equally qualified applicants and choose the person who would increase the quota of the group of people that they need increasingoWhat it isan attempt by an organization to actively recruit and select talented employees from traditionally undertapped poolsoWhat it is notGov mandate that forces companies to hire underqualified employeesThe four designated groupsWomen47 of employed workforceAboriginalsPeople with disabilitiesabout 45 in the labour forceVisible minoritiesDiversity ManagementoKey elementsBuild a culture that embraces diversityMake leaders accountable for diversity
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