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ScientificmanagementprocessofscientificallymanagingprocessesrepetitionsystematicwhyHRMisaprofessionithasacommonbodyofknowlegdecertifiesitsmembersithascertificationprovidesselfregulationprofessionalcodeofethicsAfirmhasrequestedyourassistanceinensuringthatitsmultigenerationalworkforcefunctionseffectivelyasateamWhatstrategiesorprogramswouldyourecommendwhywefindbabyboomersgenxandyintheworkforcetodaybrainstormingtopromotetheunderstandingandexpectedvaluesandprioritiesofeachotherimplementactivitiesorprogramsthatenhanceteamworkskillsChart 113 in textUsing your understanding of the diff generational groups that exist in todays workplaces discuss how a policy to ban networking sites at work could be favoured by some and not by otherstime theftusing employer time for personal use facebookface timephysical presenceCHAPTER 2LEGAL STUFFconstitutional lawlegislated acts eg Workers comp income tax actMultiple Legal Jurisdicitons for EmploymentLabour Lawprovincialterritorial employment laws govern 90 of Canadian Workersfederal laws govern 10 of workers in federal civil service Crown corporations and agencies transportation banking and communicationsESL employment standards legislationminimum wageovertimetermination noticepay in lieu of notice severance paymaternitypaternity leavelimit hoursholidaysvacation payHuman Rights LegislationDiscriminationdistinction exclusion or preference based on a prohibited ground which nullifies or impairs a persons rights to full and equal recognition and exercise of human rights and freedomstable 21 in textprohibited grounds of discrimination in employment by jurisdictiongenderreligionagedisabilities mentalphysicalmarital status2 types of discriminationintentionaldirectdeliberately not hiring promoting etcdifferentialunequal treatment ex Illegal to request only female applicants to perform physical testindirect ex Getting other ppl to hire for youask someone to discriminate for youbased on associationdiscriminating against someone because of their relationship with someone elseunintentional constructivesystematicapparently neutral policies have adverse impact on protected groups ex Minimum height and weightfigure 22requirement for reasonable accommodationadjustment of employment policiespractises so that no individual is denied benefitsdisadvantaged in employmentprevented from carrying out a jobbased on prohibited grounds in human rights legislationundue hardshiphuman rights legislation mandates that employers must accommodate to point of undue hardshipthe point where financial cost or health and safety risks make accommodation impossiblePermissible Discriminationbona fide occupational requirementjustifiable reason for discriminationbased on business necessity for safe and efficient operationsintrinsically required by job tasksSexual HarassmentSexual Coercionharassment of a sexual nature that results in some direct consequence to the workers employment status or some gain in or loss of tangible job benefitsSexual Annoyancesexually related conduct that is hostile intimidating or offensive to the employee but has no direct link to tangible job benefits or loss thereofEmployment Equity Designated GroupsWomenppl with disabilitiesvisible minoritiesaboriginalscommon lawcontract lawDiversity Managementbroadermore inclusive than employment equitya set of activities designed tointegrate all employees in a multicultural workforceuse diversity to enhance organizations effectivenessvideo case discussion qshow does the video illustrate that embracing employee diversity can improve organizational effectivenessmonetary gains a lot of opportunity different marketssynergyIn what ways does having a diverse staff give jeff an advantage in the advertising businesscan communicate or reach many different target markets promotes creativity genereates more ideasif you are what you serve you will be a better marketerChapter 3STRATEGIC IMPORTANCE OF TECHNOLOGY IN HRMHR technology is any technology that is used to attract hire and maintain talent support workforce admin and optimize workforce managementcan be used in diff types of human resource info systems used by various stakeholders and accessed in diff waysBrief history of evolution of HR technologystage 1 paperbased systemsstage 2 early personal computer technologystage 3 electronic database systemsstage 4 webbased technology1 and 2 are tombstone data
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