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Review for Human Resource Final ExaminationChapter 9Career planning and developmentthe deliberate process that makes people aware of the series of activities it takes to get to their career fulfillmentFactors that affect Career ChoicesIdentify Career StageoGrowthbirth to 14 years oldoExploration1524oEstablishment 2444 heart of peoples work lifeoMaintenance 4565 pre retirementIdentify Occupational OrientationoRealistic orientationphysical work like farmingoInvestigative orientationthinking and organizing like biologists and chemistsoSocial orientationinterpersonal such as social work and foreign serviceoConventional orientationaccountants and bankersoEnterprising orientationmanagers lawyers people who like influencingoArtistic orientationself expression like artists advertisers musiciansIdentify Skills and AptitudesIdentify a Career AnchoroTechnicalfunctionaloManagerial competence oCreativityoAutonomy and independenceoSecurityoServicededicationoPure challengeolifestyleResponsibility of the OrganizationProvide realistic job previewsAvoid reality shockProvide challenging initial jobsBe demandingProvide periodic developmental job rotationProvide careeroriented performance appraisalsProvide careerplanning workshopsProvide opportunities for mentoringBecome a learning organization Decision making process1Seniority or competence Most of the time competence is better2How is competence measured Past performance is easy but predicting future performance is harder Define competence use tests and assessment centres to evaluate employees 3Formal or informal process Choose formal for telling people that there are available positions and what the criteria isbest for employees recognizing the link between hard work and promotion Or informal where management doesnt tell employees of open positions and chooses someone who has mostly impressed them or knows personally4Vertical horizontal or other career path How to promote when organizations have eliminated so many higher management jobsChapter 10The performance management processDefining performance expectations and goalsProviding ongoing feedback and coachingConducting performance appraisal and evaluation discussions
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