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January 14 13 Ch 1 Basic requirements of HR is to abide by local law HR should also respect individuals and give attention to their needs In your job you must make sure you have the right kind and number of employees to be able to meet your companys needs and goalsHuman Resources Employees workers associates who are the people employed by the organizationEmployees are a resource and must be utilized No matter what a company depends on an employee Human resource strategy is deliberate use of people to accomplish company goalsHuman resource tactic Is a tool or mechanism to make a decision and maintain an effective relationship between employees More micro levelHuman resource management The fact that your employees are resources and what to do to improve employee skills to do ones job more effectively Impact of HRM chart How can this contribute to HR performance We have to view how this deals directly to people People will do what they are hired for We will be able to achieve our goalsHuman capital Who are we dealing with Does this add economic value to a company We should view employees as capital and acknowledge they are an asset and add economic value Do employees have enough training ambition Their performance will be better if this is the case Hire people and interview them well to understand if they have the knowledge and experience ethics technical and conceptual skills People you have hired will stay with the company because of the rewards system What opportunities for training and development Now motivated will employees be and how much effort will they put into their work HR management contributes to an organizations performance Key HR challenges Disciplining hiring performance evaluation bonus wageThree sets of categories Individual organization environmentalexternal External Forces that affect an organization but exist outside of it Technology legislation economic cycle demographics labour marketsThings that a company has little control overInternal Organizational Competitive position costs relationship with unions organizational cultureIndividual Brain drain Retention of qualified employees Encouraging employees to deal with interpersonal relationships at the micro level What are the dos and dont for people within the company Ethic and legal requirementsHistory of HRHuman resources movement Contingency perspective Concern for people and productivity Show a balanced concern for productivity as well as people Human relations movement concern for people It was discovered that interaction between people is what truly affects productivity This focuses on peoples needs and presence as a personScientific Management concern for production Researchers looked into how physical factors like lighting and heating have helped improve productivityAuthority based approach but this caused unions and law to evolve Now we use a more strategic approach HR professionals do not have authority to make all decisions on their own Key responsibilities of HR departments Legal compliance HR policies employee and labour relations analyzing and designing jobs total rewards recruiting and hiring training and development managing performanceAnalyzingdesigning jobs How to write job descriptions and improve job design How to make jobs more challenging and meaningful or to entrust people with better jobs Training and development Do individuals need to be trained by existing employees or should they be sent for trainingEvaluating performance decision about rewards and compensation Total rewards Compensation benefits all relationship returnsHR have had more administrative roles but now they have more strategic roles Operational was more reactive now strategic is more proactive SWOT strategy Work flows How people are hired What they actually do Must ensure work flow is actually smooth Explain what expectations are and define the job role itself This goes back to a companys basic strategy Efficiency approach Low cost leadership strategy No matter the challenge you must make sure costs are minimized and this will guide your practices Gain sharing Encouraging employees to save cost Use resources widely Cost savings are distributed with employees Efficiency work flow Company with a higher turnover and stable business will use thisInnovation work flow approach Companies assume a risk taking behavior to try new things and come up with a quality decision again Meant for a company that is not as stable has sporadic demand fashion Internal hiring process Promote from within Internal employees have priority Values seniority maturity experienceExternal hiring process Recruit from outside Add fresh blood to achieve more creativity Values creativity and innovationEmployee separations Decision of termination of employees for personal reasons business cycle etc No more relationships between employee and employer Voluntary it is the option of the employee to leave Layoffs are cyclical firings based on business cycle to reduce size of labour force Criteria is based on individual performancePerformance appraisals Standardized performance tools Often one universal tool is used for all employees Could be customized for each person depending on role Can be based on individual and team performance January 16 13 Ch 2There are fourteen jurisdictions in Canada 10 provinces 3 territories and one federal There are many commonalities amongst CanadaCompliance would be simply to abide by legislation If you can justify why you discriminate against certain characteristics you must understand if this acceptable or not Eye sightMinimum fine for a human rights commission is 50000 If you are unsatisfied there is no way to appeal this because decisions are made for the human rights commission Am I doing the right thing or not Observe professional duty and code of ethicsLegislationCharter of rights and freedoms was originally designed to protect both Francophones and Anglophones but now is much more far reaching and protects many values Gives all rights as a citizen but you also have responsibilitiesCanadian Human Rights Acts was originally enacted in 1998 Relates to language sexual preference race religion This should have no effect on hiring promotion or salary Again there would be no right to appeal for this Employment standards legislation outlines just minimum responsibilities required for a role This will not suggest having to go above and beyond a certain requirement Employment entitlementEmployment Equity Act will show a reduction in pay gap This focuses on fairness between all parties Access to equal opportunitiesPay Equity Act things that affect salary are lifestyle Women are often less able to travel because they have families Wage should be equalOfficial languages act will protect Anglophones and Francophones This was a part of charter and rights of freedoms but independently reinforced in 1988 If all other requirements are met then it is an employers responsibility to train a person in a language PIPEDA Personal information protection and electronic documents act relates to disclosing documents pertaining to an individual Disclosing anything that uses information that can be determined could be a violation of privacy Equality in EmploymentDiscrimination is treating someone differently simply because of an inherent attribute If you purposefully do this there can be negative consequencesDirect discrimination is via HR policies that make a distinction against such grounds I only hire men Some polies are founded Catholic church will only hire Catholics or Christians If people must travel and drive and night they may require perfect eye sight Indirect Discrimination is where HR practices exist that discriminate by mistake when appearing to be neutral Personality or aptitude tests are required This will exclude a certain group of people If you must discriminate then you require a valid reason to do so Employers roleBona Fide occupational requirement is a skill needed for a jobDuty to accommodate is reasonable grounds to make a small change to accommodate an employee Physical disability that is easy to address Safety and health related concerns that make it impossible can mean it is not possible to make such changesPreventing Harassment is anything that can humiliate demean or make a person feel uncomfortable What is acceptable or unacceptable Ability to file a complaint Information must be available to employees Unnecessary touching may be unwarranted People must be told if they feel this is inappropriate A verbal warning must be issued then written then action will follow Normally there exists a 0 tolerance policy for companiesValuing Diversity is not about asking people to bring their own cultural norms into the workplace Is it being able to see and appreciate the differences between people The way people think or act are they introverts or extroverts
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