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Human Resource ManagementJan 10CHAPTER 1The Strategic Role of Human Resource ManagementHuman Resource ManagementManaging human capital knowledge education training skills expertise to achieve organizational goalsHRM Responsibilities Operational ResponsibilitiesHR professionals hire and maintain employees and then manage employee separationsThis role requires HR to be administrative experts and employee championsPlanningRecruitmentSelectionOrientationTrainingPerformance Appraisal and DisciplineCompensation and BenefitsCounselingStrategic ResponsibilitiesHR is focused on ensuring that the organization is staffed with the most effective human capital to achieve its strategic goalsThis role requires HR staff to be strategic partners and change agentsSuperior customer serviceLowering labour costsPutting a premium on employee engagementExternal Environmental Influences on HRMEconomic conditionsEmployment levelsProductivity levelsGrowth of the service sectorLabour market issuesIncreasing diversity disabilities generational differences women in the workforceTraditionalists born before 1946 quiet loyal and selfsacrificingBaby Boomers 19461964 careerfocused workaholics driven to succeed now approaching age of retirementSandwich Generation responsibility for young dependents as well as caring for elderly relativesGeneration X 19651980 first tech generationGeneration Y 1980 Present techno savvy diverse eager to make contribution impatient and action oriented emphasis on CSR and environmentDemographic issue oldyoung age gap functionally illiterateNonStandardContingent workers halftime parttime temporary at home workersTechnologyStaying connected with video conferencingWork and family clashGovernmentHuman Resource ManagementHuman Resource ManagementGlobalization HR professionals need to be familiar with employment legislation in other countries and to manage ethical dilemmas when labour standards are lower than CanadaEnvironment ConcernsInternal Environmental InfluencesOrganizational cultureHR responsibilities play an important role in creating and maintaing the type of organizational culture desiredOrganizational climateHR professionals play a key role in helping managers throughout the firm to establish and maintain a positive organizational climateEmployee empowermentBrief History of HRMScientific Management early 1900Scientifically analyzing manufacturing processes to reduce costs and pay based on performance levelsHRM played a minor role personnel admin more focused on productivity less on peopleConcern for productionHuman Relations Movement 19201950Management philosophy based on beliefs that attitudes and feelings of workers are more importantConcern for peopleIncrease in unionization new focus on employee relations orientation performance appraisalHuman Resources Movement 1960TodayManagement philosophy placing emphasis on the concern of people and productivityGrowing Professionalism in HMRNowHR as a strategic partnerLeveraging human capital to compete in todays global marketplaceIncreased professionalism in HRMCommon body of knowledgeCanadian Council of Human Resources Associations CCHRACertification of members Canadian Human Resources Professional CHRP similar to a CA in accounting7 functional dimensions Professional practice Organizational effectiveness Staffing Employee and labour relations Total compensations Organizational learning training and development Occupational health safety and wellnessSelfRegulationEthicsCCHRA Code of EthicsSocial responsibilityHuman Resource ManagementHuman Resource ManagementJan12CHAPTER 2The Changing Legal Emphasis From Compliance to Valuing DiversityImportance of Understanding the Legal EnvironmentDoing the right thingLimiting potential liabilityUnderlining shared responsibilityLegal Framework for Employment Law in CanadaProvincialTerritorial employment laws govern 90 of canadian workersFederal laws govern 10 of workersthe federal civil service crown corp and agencies transportation banking and communicationsConstitutional lawCharter of rights and freedomsLegislative acts of parliamentLaws that regulate some areas of human resources income tax actRegulations for legislated actsRules to aid the interpretation of lawsRegulatory bodies such as the human rights commissionsCommon LawJudicial precedentsContract LawCollective agreementsemployment contractsEmploymentLabour Standards LegislationLaws present in every Canadian jurisdiction that establishes minimum employee entitlements pertaining to wages paid holidays and vacation maternity parenting and adoption leaves bereavement and compassionate care leave termination notice and overtime payAlso set limit on maximum number of work hours permitted per day or week overtime pay is required for any work in excess of maximumPrinciple of equal pay for equal work cannot pay male and female workers differently if performing the same workLegislation Protecting Human RightsCharter of Rights and FreedomsFederal law enacted in 1982 that guarantees fundamental freedoms to all CanadiansFreedom of concise and religion Freedom of thought belief opinion and expression including freedom of the press and other media of communication Freedom of peaceful assemblyFreedom of associationSection 15 guarantees the right to equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and in particular without discrimination based on race national or ethnic origin color religion sex age mental or physical disabilityThe Charter applies to all levels of governmentHuman Rights LegislationHuman Resource Management
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