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MISfinalChapter 7Granularity extent of detail within the data and informationCoarsehighly summarized data or infoFinea lot of detailCan be sent in different ways spread sheet word doc Data and InformationDate and information differ in level format and granularityit is important to understand a few additional characteristics that help determine the value of data and informationThe value of transactional data and analytical informationoTransactional data primary purpose is to support daily operational tasksall of the data contained within a single business process or unit of workstore this data in databases and use it when performing operational tasks and repetitive decisions analyzing daily sales figuresoAnalytical information encompasses all organizational informationprimary purpose is to support the performance of higher level analysis tasksUsed when making big decision should build a new manufacturing plant or hire additional sales personnelThe value of timely data and informationoTime neededweeklymonthlydaily data and information depends on decision Realtime data immediate uptodate dataReal time information immediate up to date information both above down fallconstantly changingReal time system provides real time transactional data andor real time analytical information in response to query requests The value of quality data and informationoHow we collect info and data that is of high qualityoHow we deliver this data so that its value can be realized oAccuracy right info collectedCompleteness all values are completeall filled inConsistency everything add upmake sense Uniqueness no duplicate customersinfo only added onceTimeliness info current with business requirements oThe four primary sources of lowquality information includeOnline customers intentionally enter inaccurate information to protect their privacyData or information from different systems have different entry standards and formatsCall centre operators enter abbreviated or erroneous information by accident or to save timeThird party and external information contains inconsistencies inaccuracies and errorsStoring transactional dataStored in databases and can be retrieved to help make decisions Relational Database fundamentalsRelational database modelmost popularknown as database maintains data about various types of objects inventory events transactions people employee and places warehousesHierarchical database model data are organized into treelike structure that allows repeating data using parentchild relationships one parent record with many children
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