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ADM2372 Midterm ExamFall 2011 Time 90 MinSections A BCProfessor Nour El KadriAnswer the following questions on the Scantron Papers 1 A company that sold unique highpriced furniture would practice which one of Porters strategiesa Differentiationb Focusc Cost leadershipd Broad focuse Cost differentiation2Each of the following is a true statement about distributed databases exceptadistributed systems are dependent on highquality telecommunication linesbdistributed systems decrease the service and responsiveness to local userscdistributed systems often can run on smaller less expensive computersdlocal databases can sometimes depart from central data standards and definitions and pose security problems by widely distributing access to sensitive dataedistributed systems reduce the vulnerability of a single massive central site3Strategiclevel systems tend to support decisions that areastructuredbroutinecunstructureddscheduledeshortterm4This technological trend has heightened ethical concerns because it enables companies to find out much detailed information about individualsarapidly declining data storage costsbadvances in artificial intelligence and Data miningcthe doubling of computing power every 18 monthsdadvances in networking and the Interneteadvances in telecommunications5A logical view isaa representation of data as they would appear to an application programmer or userba methodology for documenting databases illustrating the relationship between various entities in the databasecthe process of creating small stable data structures from complex groups of data when designing a relational databasePage1
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