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DateSeptember 31 2013 ToGalen Weston jr CEO Loblaw FromMegan Li VicePresident of International Business Development LoblawSubjectThe Benefit of Expanding Loblaw into the American MarketSince 1919 when the first Loblaw Groceterias opened in Toronto our company has set some deep roots into Canada Considering our success and rapid growth in Canada it is evident that Loblaw is ready to branch out past the Canadian border into the United StatesThis memo will explain why expanding into the States is the right choice and will include the emerging market that Loblaw can penetrate in the United States the benefits of expanding into America and the strategy we would use to enter this marketThe Target MarketThe target market much like the Canadian one will be middle to lowermiddle class Americans Loblaw recognized a very long time ago that families in this market love the concept of value This is why in 1978 the Loblaw Corporation created a chain of deep discount grocery stores called No Frills With the creation of No Frills we continued the trend by creating our new line of products No Name a brand that focuses more on what is in the box than on the box With this we became Canadas middle class grocery store chain of choice Loblaw 2013While focusing on families with a budget Loblaw will be competing with other big grocery chains like the Kroger Target and Walmart in the Americ
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