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Sample Final ExamADM 3301 PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENTProfessor Rim JaberTime Three 3 hoursLast Name First Name Student Identification NumberInstructions to students1 Write down the exam copy number that exists at the top right corner of this page on the identification white card next to your name 2Verify that your exam has 13 pages including this title pageStatistical tables are provided on page 133Answer all questions on your examination copyUse the opposite blank side if necessary Answers or calculations written on the sheet of notes will not be evaluated 4Justify all answers with proper arguments andor calculationsBe precise clear and concise ambiguous or vague statements will be considered false Please write legibly5This is a closedbook exam however one double sided sheet 85 x 11 of notes and a calculator are permitted for arithmetic use only The sheet of notes must be handed over with the exam copy at the end of the exam period or else your copy will not be marked6The value of each question is indicated on the left margin for a total of 80 marks7NO COMMUNICATION DEVICES MAY BE WITHIN SIGHT DURING THE EXAM PERIODGOOD LUCK AND HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAYProblemDescriptionPageMarksTotal1Material Requirements Planningp 2232Inventory Management Deterministic Demandp573Inventory Management Probabilistic Demandp 6174JustInTime Philosophyp 895Quality Control Control Chartsp 9106Quality Control Process Capability p 1147Total Quality Management and miscellaneous p 1210topicsTotal80Statement of Academic Integrity 2 The School of Management does not condone academic fraud an act by a student that may result in a false academic evaluation of that student or of another student Without limiting the generality of this definition academic fraud occurs when a student commits any of the following offences plagiarism or cheating of any kinduse of books notes mathematical tables dictionaries or other study aid unless an explicit written note to the contrary appears on the exam to have in hisher possession cameras radios radios with head sets tape recorders pagers cell phones or any other communication device which has not been previously authorized in writing Statement to be signed by the studentI have read the text on academic integrity and I pledge not to have committed or attempted to commit academic fraud in this examinationSignedNote an examination copy or booklet without that signed statement will not be graded and will receive a final exam grade of zero
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