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ADM3318xInternational BusinessMay 2 2012RIM testing new cellphone in Chinanew marketMore and more people rallying and challenging the state and the way the state manages money Less economic growth based on boomersProblem with relationship with China causing lots of trade deficits China has a surplus with a lot of foreign countriesShould we be best friends with AmericaUS is our best friend because being neighbours is easy As opposed to doing business with Russia which is far away Grey zones are kind of lost Italy might be defaultingwe cant allow Italy to default Spain Portugal Like a domino effect Then major institutions in Europe will also topple Should we get involved in SyriaBy 2030 Canada will be producing 6 of oil of the world US will only choose relationships with certain countries Canada and Mexico Everybody else is on their own No middle ground Needs stability With us or against usIsrael is getting ready for the next three months Oil is going to go up 3050 inflation will go up too NATO is going to go Canada will never go alone Americans were arming our planes when bombarding Serbia We get the bill Need stability not democracies Were the first country to invest in mining in Africa Congo worst genocide since WW2 up to 4 million executed Ethical decisions Or just go for business Say Bombardier selling railroad cars so that people can enjoy it but if they are used by a regime to change the ethnical composition of another country is that acceptable Its not my doing were just selling vehicles SNC Lavalinare in over their head right nowengineering firm largest Canadian firm One of their VP had close ties with people in Tunisia and Libya in the conflict we have a company that is continuing constructing a prison camp for Gadhafi for his political opponents supposed to be enforcing UN50 mil paid through back doors Extradited to Switzerland One of his employees was hired to bring a son to Mexico another son bought a Congo in Toronto Broke the rules pay the priceCan people from Tunisia and Libya in embassies can they claim refugee status Government toppled so cant justify claiming refugee status because the regime is gone nowConrad Black entering Canada Friday morningsee how hes doing crossing immigrationhes a criminal not a Canadian citizen NEED TO KNOW WHATS GOING ON OUT THERE Everything is a continuum everything has an impact Midterm Final and Term Papereverything taught in class ndoHave a textbook 2 ed Global businesswill follow the main stream of the textbook but will give examples outside of it Whatever is covered in class is whats on the midterm and the final oTerm paperdeal with a Canadian companynature 3040 report version not English litchoose a topic you think is funor getting a foot in the door Recent Canadian business activity that involves the exportation or the development of a product or service outside the bordersLook at a Canadian perspective of a recent event to see how we can export that product or service and how to achieve it it doesnt have tohave succeeded we can look at how it has failed1 Executive summarysummarize the key elements that allow people to make decisions 2 Introductionwhy have you have chosen this topicwhat are you trying to demonstrateobjectives youre trying to achieve 3 Present the situationsexplain the challenges they go throughwhat are the hurdles we need to overcome very demanding to go internationallylots of steps need cash flow and time to make it happen 4 Problemsincreasing sales penetration of market5 International business principlesevery single concept discussed in class if applicable will go in the paper Need to be explained and identified develop a framework 6 Application of concepts have to apply them 7 Resultswhat can we do to either improve or correct things 8 Lessons learnedconclusion how do we do things How should we do thingsTalisman From Calgary Exploitation of resources SouthNorth Sudan
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