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Table of ContentBlood DiamondsWhat are Blood DiamondsBlood diamonds or conflict diamonds are diamonds that originate from war or conflict zones that end up being traded in the black market in order to fund rebel fighters and insurgencies Leader 2010 Usually workers in the conflict diamond industry are generally treated very inhumane including violence and starvation Blood diamonds were first introduced in the late 1990s when Robert Fowler the Canadian ambassador in Angola published an article to raise awareness listing the countries that were involved in blood diamonds At this time conflict diamonds represented 4 of the worlds diamond production This then lead to the creation of Kimberley Process in November 2002 which is a method that regulates the diamond trade Diamonds that go through the Kimberley Process must be labeled as conflictfree with origin and ownership being validated Leader 2010 Where are they coming fromBlood diamonds are coming from several different areas of conflict within various African nations including Sierra Leone Angola Liberia Ivory Coast and the Democratic Republic of Congo Most of the time people behind these civil wars and rebellions oppose legitimate governments and desire control over the areas lucrative diamond industry Hoyt nd Why Do Blood Diamonds ExistThere are various reasons as to why blood diamonds exist It could be for selfinterest rebellion survival etc reasons but regardless of reason it generally started during the colonialism of Africa At the time it was in the 1870s a period called the scramble of Africa when Cecil Rhodes was colonizing Southern Africa Hess nd One of Rhodes primary endeavours were the large diamond mines in Kimberley South Africa which easily made him a multimillionaire Hess nd For Rhodes this was out of selfinterest greed British Imperialism and to consolidate his power in the region According to Hess nd in order to find the diamonds Rhodes would round up thousands of African men and forced them into labour concentration camps near diamond mines Those who refused or rebelled were killed and those who refused to leave their lands were dynamited out Any organized large resistance such as the Matabele and Shona were simply defeated by Rhodes British Army of which he would employ through his blood diamond funds African society crumbled under Rhodes With Africa under control the British extracted immense wealth from the slave trade and the extraction of raw materials along with gems such as diamonds to transform itself into one of the world powers of its day Other countries followed suit with the Belgian and Germans being equally as brutal as they wiped out Africans for raw materials From this it is clear to see that diamonds were bloodied for well over a century nowAt one point between 7090 of the worlds diamonds were produced by DeBeers Hodges 2001 the organization that took over after Rhodes passed away This international diamond cartel however is not responsible for all diamond activities however Diamonds are mined by many organizations and are bought and sold by even more companies Smillie 2010 The majority of these companies are not public and according to Simillie of the hundreds of companies that buy and sell rough diamonds few are publicly traded These shady companies continue to facilitate business with warlords and regimes which then help support the blood in blood diamonds all in the name of profit
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