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Cross Cultural ManagementComparative ManagementMay0411700 PMIntroductionMay0411701 PMReflective logs24 pages Not a summaryMore of a positive or negative Argument and comments on the topicWhat you would do to improve thatoWhy its good and why its badNo references needed just personal opinionInclude a title page statement of academic integrityoOne paragraph introductionWhy we registered for this courseWhat experiences you haveCase StudyTeams of 4Case Studies are in the course packQuestions are posted prior to classPoint form is preferredo Complete sentences10 mins prior to the end of classPeer Evaluation formoOne large envelope for the whole caseoSmall envelope for individual peer evaluation formsOrder of the case study is on the outlineRemarkingOne week periodWrite the concern and rehand it inGroup Research ProjectWorth 25Country must not be covered in the courseFocus on a specific industryPresentationoMore of a story or a structured processGroup list due FridayVideoGlobalization Winner and LosersWTOSeattleoMore emphasis on free then fair tradeoInternational monetary fundHad to bail out the Asian countries as foreign investors back outGlobalization has brought many people out of povertyIndia is booming in the industry of ITInternet has created many millionairesInfosysoOnce your online you will be tied inInternet has allowed for NGOs and activities to gain strengthGM foods oBelieved that corporations would put profits over the safetyoInternational law was not ready for GM foodSome believed it should be tested like a pharmaceuticalFishing industryoAfrica vs EUoFish as a sustainability for local villages are being threatenedoInternational law lagged behind and these resources are only managed by goodwill of nationsIMFoUnited states is using the IMF a toolThe United States is the greatest shareholderoThe WTO has been blamed forruling in the favour of the USANAFTAoCan move work to Mexico for the cheaper labouroOriginally was to build more jobsoThe salary is predetermined by the Mexican governmentMost are not considering the ability to liveoThe free market does not reduce the number of people that cross the borderProduction can shift towards the countries that have lax environmental regulationoMost of the local communities would sufferShell and NigeriaoIt is best if all businesses should be ChinaoFastest growing economy in the worldoAdopted capitalismoGlobalization has put pressure towards Political reform oProblems with rural areas and state ownedoA lot of city workers are not protected by any unions or any policiesGoldoUsed by central banks to hold value but are now using insurance and stocksoBritain central bank sold off gold reserves and resulted in a plummeting gold pricesoIn south Africa there wasupwards to 40 as Gold stabilizedWTO ActivistsoContinues to fight for fair tradeHow cultural differences affect organizationMay1111702 PMManagement Globalization Global management and its challengedManaging in the global economy involves understanding the following interrelated themesoManagement involves getting things done through other peopleUtilize peopleChallenge is the cultural differencesDiversity also includes any kind of differences we see in ourselves and other peoplePolitical beliefs languages oGlobalization represents the emerging of a single global economic system in which the creation of economic value is shared by a mix of stakeholders from a range of economic social and cultural unique countriesGlobalization Disadvantagehas polarized the difference between developing and developed countries and what they haveAnother disadvantage is the environmental and political messIMF and WTO have power no representation from developing countriesA lot of cultural diminishes developing countries reduce cultureoGlobal management involves getting things down through other people who are part of a national economic that can often be expected to differ economically socially and culturallyGoing Global Phases of DevelopmentDomestic phaseoAlso called product oriented phaseoCreated a product or service and how we can market betteroIs a starter business and doesnt look to integrate cultural differenceoStill would want to be culturally sensitiveoGenerally people would have a view of my way is the proper wayMultidomestic phaseoAlso market oriented phaseoSensitivity to cultures are importantoTranslation of products or servicesoHR policies are clear and people are on the same pageoLook into many options and have different ways of managingoConsider expanding past national boundariesMultinational phaseoPrice sensitive phaseHow to save costs and save money where there are less risks
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