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Chapter 15 Canadian Identity and Ethnic SubculturesDecember1310233 PMEthnic Subcultures and Consumer IdentityoEthnic Subculture selfperpetuating group of consumers who share common cultural ties recognized by its members and others oEthnicity and Marketing StrategiesHighcontext culture group members are tight knightinfer meaningLowcontext culture more liberal Canadian advertisers target ethnic groups by1Fostering inclusiveness by putting ethnic groups into mainstream ads1Speaking to specific groups in ethnic tongueDeethnicitization product we formerly associated with specific ethnic group detaches from its roots oEthnic Groups in Canada See class notes oEthnic Stereotypes ethnic subcultures may have powerful stereotypes public associates with them outsiders assume members of group possess traitsoHow Religion Influences Consumption French Canadians oUnderstanding the French Canadian IdentitySensate importance of all senses for FC consumers Conservative low risk taking strong brand loyaltyNonprice cognitive accepting high prices within reason oFrenchCanadians and the MediaChinese Canadians oCharacteristicsSmall DiverseGrowingAbove average incomeEducation orientedNative language print media oReaching the ChineseCanadian ConsumerHard because comprise subgroups that are culturally diversemany languages oLevel of Acculturation Acculturation process of movementadaptation into one countrys cultural environment by person from another country Individual differencesDemographicsLanguageRecency of arrivalEthnic identityEnvironmental factorsAcculturation agents peopleorgs that teach ways of culture Culture of originFamily FriendsMedia
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