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Consumer BehaviourChapter 1Consumer behaviour is a process Earlier was thought of as buyer behaviourRelationship building is easier with database marketingPeople buy products not for what they do but what they mean Role theory consumer behaviour resembles actions in a playCulture jamming consumer activist aims to disrupt efforts by the corporate world to dominate our cultural landscape Social marketing used to take positive attitudes like purchasing alcohol and turn into discouraging young drinkingNegative consumer behaviour resultsAThe behaviour in not done by choiceBThe gratification is shortlivedCThe person feels strongly or regrets after Paradigm consumer research that makes fundamental assumptions about what is being studiedPositivismmodernism functions of objects materialisticInterpretivisimpostmodernism too much emphasis on sciencetech Instead it focuses on symbolic meaningChapter 2Hedonic consumption multisensory fantasy and emotional aspects of consumers interaction with productsSensory marketing vision smell hear and touch taste exposure attentionTrade dress when a companys colors become so well known its referred to as their trade dress TiffanysKansei engineering a philosophy that transfers customers feelings into design elements Mazda young drivers saw the car as an extension to their bodiesSensory thresholdsThe absolute thresholdthe minimum amount of stimulation that can be detected on a sensory channel
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