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UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA Services Marketing ADM 3322MMarzena CedzynskiKay Gan Winter 2014Contents Chapter 1 New Perspectives on Marketing in the Service Economy12 Why Study Services 12 Services Dominate the Global Economy12 Estimated Size of Service Sector in Selected Countries12 Value Added by Service Industry Categories to US GDP13 NAICS New Way to ClassifyAnalyze the Service Economy13 NAICS Codes of Newer Service Industries Not Profiled by SIC13 Why Study Services 13 Changing Structure of Employment as Economies Develop14 Why Study Services 14 Transformation of the Service Economy 14 Factors Stimulating Transformation of the Service Economy 15 What are Services16 Definition of Services16 Value Creation is dominated by Intangible Elements17 Service Products vs Customer ServiceAfterSales Service17 ServiceA Process Perspective17 4 Categories of Services17 Marketing Challenges Posed by Services18 Services Pose Distinctive Marketing Challenges18 Differences Implications and MarketingRelated Tasks 19 Extended Marketing Mix for Services19 Services Require and Extended Marketing Mix19 The 7Ps of Services Marketing19 Integration of Marketing with Other Management Functions20 Marketing to be integrated with Other Management Functions20 Developing Effective Service Marketing Strategies20 Overview of Framework20 Summary22 Chapter 2 Consumer Behavior in a Service Context22 Customer Decision Making The ThreeStage Model of Service Consumption22 1 Kay G PrePurchase Stage22 Service Encounter Stage25 PostEncounter Stage27 Summary29 Chapter 3 Developing Service ProductsCore and Supplementary Elements29 Planning and Creating Service Products29 Service Products29 Designing a Service Concept29 Documenting Delivery Sequence over Time29 Integration of Core Product Supplementary Elements and Delivery Process30 Temporal Dimension to Augmented Product30 The Flower of Service30 Facilitating ServicesInformation31 Facilitating ServiceOrderTaking31 Facilitating ServicesBilling32 Facilitating ServicesPayment32 Enhancing ServicesConsultation32 Enhancing ServicesHospitality32 Enhancing ServicesSafekeeping33 Enhancing ServicesExceptions33 Managerial Implications34 Branding Service Products and Experiences34 Service Products Product Lines and Brands34 Spectrum of Branding Alternatives34 Offering a Branded Experience35 Moving Towards a Branded Experience35 Offering a Branded Experience36 New Service Development 36 A Hierarchy of New Service Categories 36 Reengineering Service Processes36 Physical Goods as a Source of New Service Ideas36 Creating Services as Substitutes for Physical Good37 2 Kay G
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