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Services MarketingChapter 11 Physical Evidence and the ServicescapePhysical EvidenceWhat is Physical EvidencePhysical evidence the environment in which the service is delivered and in which the firm and the customer interact and any tangible commodities that facilitate performance or communication of the serviceServicescape the physical facility where service is deliveredoFacility exterior exterior design signage parking landscape surroundingsoFacility interior interior design equipment signage layout air qualitytempoOther tangibles business cards billing statements employee dress brochures web pagesEffective design of physical evidence is important for closing Gap 2How Does Physical Evidence Affect the Customer ExperienceExperience engineering through clue managementoClue management the process of clearly identifying and managing all the various clues that customers use to form their impressions and feelings about the company Included in that are mechanics clues or the physical and tangible cluesTypes of ServicescapesServicescape UsageSelfservice where the customer performs most or all of the activities is interactive with the physical facilityoEx ATMs movie theatres express mail dropoffs online servicesoPlan servicescape to focus exclusively on creating right market segment and creating the desired service experienceRemote service little or no customer involvement with the servicescape customer rarely sees the physical facilityoEx telecommunications utilities financial consultants mailorder services
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