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Chapter 10Media Planning and Budgeting for IMC Media planning series of decisions involved in delivering the promotional message to prospective purchasers andor users of the product or brand series of decisions to deliver messages to audiences Media planning certainly occurs for advertising but it is also necessary as part of the decision for other IMC toolsIn general the guiding principles for media strategy and media tactics are applicable for the use of media to implement other IMC activities beyond advertising Finally media planning experiences the challenge of developing a plan with limited financial resources as plans have a prescribed budget that the media planner must respectSpending wisely in the promotional domain is more critical in recent years as firms are now calculating the return on marketing investment ROIM Media plan comprised of a short section containing media objectives an explanation of the media strategy decisions and finetuning details that are known as media execution or media tacticsMedia Objectiveso derived from and designed to lead to the attainment of communication and behavioural objectives and contribute to achieving marketing objectives o statements that translate objectives behavioural communication in terms of media requirements to guide media decisions ie strategy and tactics o typically can be written in a few sentences that sound like objectives not recommendationsMedia Strategy translates media objectives into a strategic direction that will guide the planners selection and use of media IncludesMedia Mixo The medium is the general category of available delivery systems includes broadcast media print media direct marketing outofhome advertising and other support media o After or during this evaluation the media planner will consider the relative strengths and limitations of broad media class optionsEvaluate all media for an advertising decision strengths and limitationsConsider media characteristics and media usage characteristics o By employing a media mix advertiserscan add more versatility to their media strategies since each medium contributes its own distinct advantages o By combining media marketers can increase coverage reach and frequency levels while improving the likelihood of achieving overall communications and marketing goalsTarget audience coverage o The media planner determines which target audiences should receive the most media emphasis Developing media strategies involves matching the most appropriate media to this audienceo Optimal goal full audience coverage not very likely rdtho 3 and 4 graphs more likelytho In 4 graph overexposure is called waste coverageo Goal of media planners is to extend media coverage to as many of the members of the target audience as possible while minimizing the amount of waste coverage o Index number is a good indicator of the potential of the market o Index of users in a demographic segment of population in the same segment x 100An index over 100 means use of the product is proportionately greater in that segment than in one that is average 100 or lessGeographic coverage o Brand Development Index BDI helps marketers factor the rate of product usage by geographic area into the decision processIt compares theof the brands total sales in a given market area with theof the total population in the market to determine the sales potential for that brand in that market area o BDIof brand to totalCanadiansales in market of total Canadian population in market x 100 o Category Development Index CDI provides information on the potential for development of the total product category rather than specific brands o CDI of product category sales in Ontario of total Canadian population in Ontario x 100 o When BDI and CDI are combined a much more insightful promotional strategy may be developedScheduling primary objective is to time promotional efforts to coincide with the highest potential buying times o Continuity refers to a continuous pattern of advertising which may mean every day every week or every month regular pattern is developed without gaps or nonadvertising periods Ex food products laundry detergent things consumed on a regular basis without seasonalityAdvantages serves as constant reminder covers entire buying cycle allows for media prioritiesDisadvantages higher costs potential for overexposure limited media allocation possible o Flighting employs a less regular schedule with intermittent periods of advertising and nonadvertising At some periods there are heavier promotional expenditures and at others there may be no advertising Ex skis are advertised heavily between October and April less in May August and September and not at all in June and JulyAdvantages cost efficiencyallows for inclusion of more than one medium or vehicle with limited budgets Disadvantages increased likelihood of wearout lack of awareness and retention during nonscheduled times vulnerable to competitive efforts during nonscheduled periods o Pulsing combination of the first 2 methods Continuity is maintained but at certain times promotional efforts are stepped up Ex in the automobile industry advertising continues throughout the year but may increase in April tax return time and September new models are released and at the end of the model yearAdvantages same as first 2 methodsDisadvantage not required for seasonal products Reach versus Frequency o Reach the total unduplicated audience exposed to a message one or more times in an advertising cycle
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