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Chapter 4 Communication Response ModelsIMC strategy is implemented through communication tools and messages it sends to currentprospective customers as well as other relevant publics Orgs communicate through advertisements websites press releases sales promotion and visual images Those involved in planning of an IMC program need to understand how these reactions will shape consumer respsonses to the company andor product or service A Basic Model of CommunicationCommunication passing of information exchange if ideas the process of establishing a commonness or oneness of thought between a sender and a receiverFor communication to occur must be some common thinking between two parties info must be passed from one person to another Overview of the ModelCommunication process is complex success depends on the nature of the message audiences interpretation of it environment in which it is receivedWords pictures sounds colours have different meanings to different audiences peoples perceptions and interpretations vary Marketers must understand the meanings that wordssymbols take on how they influence consumers interpretation of products and msgsTwo elements represent major participants in the communication process sender and receiverMajor communication tools message and channel Major communication functions and processes encoding decoding response feedbackNoiseany extraneous factors in the system that can interfere with the process and work against effective communicationSourceEncodingSenderSource personorg that has info to share with another person or group of peopleMay be individual nonpersonal entity brandorgReceivers perceptions of source influence how the communication is received marketers must be careful to select a communicatorthe receiver believes is knowledgeable and trustworthywhom receiver can identify or relate in some manner Communication process begins with source selects words symbols pictures and the like to represent the msg that will be delivered to the receivers This process is known as encoding putting thoughts ideas or information into a symbolic form
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