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Law notes - summer 2010.docx

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University of Ottawa

LawLaw is a tool to allow state to exercise their powerLegal regime for confirmation of ownership of property protection of unfair situations allows assess conflicting views and decide overruling oneMidtermFinal exams everything from class examples used in class only for questionsSimilar to Australia India South AfricaDifferent from US since there is a legislation passed after each problemSomewhat civil law since its rewritten and common since it changesPredictability in the outcomeTerm paperAbout the legal clauses found on any internet websiteand explain each clause line by line and describing the consequences of the clausesanalyse the clauses to try to understand the legal measures associated where is the legal authority to do what theyre doingThey assume that its legal until it is brought to courtgo through all the principles we studied in the law that appliespropose measures that redress that should be corrected or seem to be falseThese are the clauses I find have dubious writings and this is what we propose to fixPut the terms in the appendixIf its private then black it outFacebook can take all the data that you put on there and give it to corporationsNo teaching after the midterm
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