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Training and Development - Exam Study Notes

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TrainingDevelopmentExamStudyContentFinalexamcontentSection A 5 definitions out of 10 each worth 5 marks25 marks Section 2 choice do 1 of 2Short Answer questions10 marks Section 3 MiniCases like in textNo choice 2 cases101525 marks ContentINSTRUCTIONALSYSTEMSDESIGNMODELISDScientific model of the training and development process that consists of a needs analysis training design and delivery and training evaluationNeeds analysis shows whether training is needed and what gaps there are that need to be filledPurpose of training is improve performance and organizational effectivenessLearningStylesUsing all four styles is bestImportance of learning cycle see chartAll four steps in learning cycle should be part of learning experienceLearning modesoThinking ACGather information by thinking about issues concepts and ideasoFeeling CEDirect experience and involvementoWatching ROObserve and reflect different point of viewoDoing AEDoing something for practical valueImplications for trainingoPeople differ on how they learnoTraining programs should be designed with each learning mode as part of a sequence of learning experienceAdultLearningTheoryAdults need to know why they learnIt has to be meaningfulThey need opportunity to practiceoMassed versus Distributed TrainingRefers to how the segments of a training program are divided and whether the training is conducted in a single session massed or is divided into several sessions with breaks or rest periods between them distributedoWhole versus Part LearningRefers to whether the training method is learned and practiced at one time or one part at a timeoOverlearningContinued practice even after trainees have mastered a task so that the behaviour becomes automaticAutomaticityThe performance of a skill to the point at which little attention from the brain is required to respond correctlyThey need feedbackAdults learn through observation experience and interaction with othersAndragogy
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