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University of Ottawa
Anatomy and Physiology

STUDENT NAME STUDENT NUMBERUniversity of OttawaANP 1105AMidterm 1DateOctober 13 2011Duration1 hr 20 minInstructorJoanna KomorowskiINSTRUCTIONS145 multiple choice questions 1 mark1 correct answer per question plus 2 labeling questions 15 and 25 marks 4 marks total plus one descriptive question 5 marks totalTotal number of questions48 total possible mark541Please answer the multiple choice questions on the computer sheet that is provided 2Please put your name and student number at the top of this page and at the top of the final pagePlease do not forget to put your course code ANP 1105A your surname last name and the initials on the first page of the scantron sheet3Make sure this exam is completeThis exam contains 10 pages4The excuse of missing a page will not be accepted after the examinationGood luckV2Page11Which cell organelle is the site of protein synthesisAGolgi complex Blysosome Cmitochondria Drough endoplasmic reticulum Esmooth endoplasmic reticulum2Collections of nerve cell bodies in the peripheral nervous system are calledAnuclei Bnerves Cganglia Dtracts Enone of the above3MicrofilamentsAare thin strands made of contractile protein actin Bare tough ropelike fibres made of keratinCare intermediate protein fibres particularly numerous in metabolically active cellsDare hollow tubular cylinders that assist with directional movement of vesicles4Which of the following is a function of plasma membrane proteinsAThey serve as channels for lipid transportBThey serve as channels for ion transportCThey serve as cellular receptorsDBoth A and BEBoth B and C5Termination of muscle contraction is triggered byAremoval of calcium ions from the cytosol back to the sarcoplasmic reticulumBdepolarization of the T tubules and opening of the ligandgated calcium channels Cthe power stroke Dattachment of ATP to myosin heads Ehydrolysis of ATP6Which of the following statements is trueAAll human cells contain nucleusBLysosomes inactivate free radicalsCMitochondria contain their own DNA and RNADVaults provide the cells with support and enable some degree of motility within cellsV2Page2
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