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Anatomy & Physiology I-Midterm #2.doc

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University of Ottawa
Anatomy and Physiology
Jacqueline Carnegie

1Which of the following is true about the smooth muscle fibresASmooth muscle fibres have the contractile proteins actin and myosin and the regulatory proteins tropnin and tropomyosin identical to those in the skeletal muscleBThe source of calcium for muscle contraction is similar in both skeletal and smooth muscle CDepending on the type of receptors present on a smooth muscle cell a specific neurotransmitter can cause either contraction or relaxation of this muscle cell DSmooth muscle fibres contraction is regulated by the somatic motor neurons2Which of the following is true about the autonomic nervous systemAGanglia of the sympathetic nervous system are located near the organs they innervateBGanglia of the parasympathetic nervous system are located near the spinal cordCThe regulatory responses of the autonomic nervous system to homeostatic imbalance are faster than the responses of the endocrine systemDAxon terminals of the preganglionic and postganglionic neurons of the sympathetic nervous system release acetylcholine3A fightorflight response is stimulated by theAsomatic nervous systemBparasympathetic nervous systemCsympathetic nervous systemDcerebrum4Which of the following is NOT innervated by the autonomic nervous systemASweat glandsBSmooth muscleCCardiac muscle1PageDSkeletal muscle5Which of the following is a result of the sympathetic stimulationAIncreased heart beatBDecreased heart beatCDigestionDElimination of urine6The internal environment of the cellsAis the interior of the cellsBconsists of the interstitial fluid and blood plasmaCconsists of the intracellular fluid interstitial fluid and blood plasmaDnone of the above7Which of the following are produced in the hypothalamusAACTH and TSHBTestosterone and cortisolCVasopressin and releasing factors releasing hormonesDNone of the above8Hormones that act via Gprotein and use a second messenger are usuallyAthyroid hormonesBproteinsCsteroids2Page
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